Monday, September 06, 2010

Random Thoughts' Monday: Springtime!!

(sorry peeps - my Internet died on me yesterday and couldn't post. I am backdating this post to appear as Monday)

So as the title says - Spring is here! I can't believe it. Just a few days ago we were in socks, gloves and flannel pyjamas under 2 thick quilts in the evenings. Today I'm having to open the windows wide, ditch the socks and can't even stand a long-sleeved T-shirt on me! Poof! Overnight, it seems winter left and it's now hot (not even went through warm, peeps!). *shakes head* Strange weather, and it's supposed to get stranger... Case in point - previously unheard of earthquakes in New Zealand have apparently opened a new breach into the Earth's top layer and tectonic plates... Can we see sci-fi taking over reality soon? Scary thought...

Other thing - spring = spring cleaning. My most hated chore (yes, even more hated than cooking!). I have a terrible love-hate relationship with my Hoover (vacuum cleaner, but we just call it Hoover here *grin*). Love because when it's cleaned the carpets I feel as happy as a silly kitten jumping all over the spick-and-span space (my house has wall-to-wall carpeting except in the kitchen and bathroom - Marble there). Hate because it's a lot of tedious, knackering, unrelenting, boring work, and when you know how much of a perfectionist I am - well, let's just say I'm glad I don't have super vision (been wearing glasses since I was eight - myopia + astigmatism) because I want every single grain of dust to be gone. Unless I go for an industrial-type, steam-cleaning Hoover, I won't get that. So I just let it go, until a swarm of dust bunnies take over and then start sending signals to alien cultures to come and settle in their entourage.
No can do, bunnies - you all gotta go! Broke their illegla squat ways and now the house is clean! Yay me!

I only managed to do the front rooms and the kitchen - left the two bedrooms for later. Now let me tell you my son has a love-adore relationship with the Hoover. Anything with a motor that makes noise is his thing! When he was younger, on days when I needed some peace, I'd clean the Hoover and then hand it to him. He'd be entertained for hours literally as he made the noises and 'hoovered' the place.
Now he comes home from school and sees the Hoover out. Needless to say it goes this way: "Mom, can I play with the Hoover? Can I? Can I? Can I?" and he's jumping all over the place like the Duracell bunny on extra caffeine.
My mind only goes - Peace! First question - "Got homework?"
Reply - "Nopes!"
Me - "Okay, later then."
"Thanks Mom, Love Ya! Love ya! Love ya!" (Yes, he's still jumping around! That's a kid who's just spent 7 hours in school. Where do they get the energy???)
By the time kiddo gets to touch his beloved Hoover, his dad is already home. Hubby has this brilliant idea - Make him Hoover his room.
Kiddo is ecstatic to be given the chance to be 'all grown up' and does indeed clean his room (no Hot Wheels cars lying around, no small Meccano pieces to land themselves into the soles of your feet when you venture into that room in the middle of the night under darkness - Miracle of all miracles!)
When he's finally done, he asks us to come take a look. Need I say here that I'm pretty ashamed to mention his room is cleaner-Hoovered than it's ever been under my hands...? Nope, not necessary... (let me go lick my wounds in shame)

Final point for today - sadly, as from today, and for the next 2 months, I'll be living as a distance-learning, Third-level uni student who should have no life if she intends to pass her exams circa end of October. We students are not wives, moms, employees, writers, basic human beings - Nothing but students!
Watch me trying to actually have a semblance of a life for the next 8-9 weeks.

From Mauritius with love,


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