Friday, October 22, 2010

Progress Friday

The graphic here should pretty much spell my stand. Yup, still study time. Final cruising to the finish line, if that can be said. The first paper is on Monday and thankfully I seem to be able to clearly recall what it is I'm supposed to talk about in the answers!

Writing-wise, not making much progress. Did manage to add some 2K or so to the WIP this week, the result of sitting out of hospital appointments and having time to kill. Take out the trusty qwerty phone and start typing while forgetting the world around you. Seems to be working thus far, because a block I'd had about a scene, which just refused to clear no matter how much I thought upon it, just vanished into thin air when I was writing. In an overcrowded, over-loud, over-heated waiting room, of all places. Guess my mind still works under stress and dire environmental conditions - that should be a relief, innit?

Still, chugging along nicely. Got past this block, and finding new aspects about my characters. I'd say it's working.

Small progress on the meter, but progress anyhow.

Leave you off for a weekend of intense study and trying not to go nuts. Hope yours is much, much lighter and pleasant!

From Mauritius with love,



Chicki Brown said...

Hope the schoolwork goes well. You'll catch up on your WIP. Take care of yourself and get some rest.

Zee Monodee said...

Thanks Chicki!