Monday, October 18, 2010

Random Thoughts' Monday: Doom!!!

Apprehension is grabbing hold of me as I start the countdown to my first exam. Less than a week to go - next Monday at this time I'll be done with the media ethics paper. Something I'm looking forward to, before delving right away into the distribution and promotion management module. Sigh. When is the life of the student ever quiet/mundane?

It seems everything is conspiring this end of October to put us all here on the edge of our seats. Could it be the buildup to Halloween? It's universal exam time, it seems. This week, my stepson is taking the end of primary cycle exams, and the big deal is that these exams are akin to what SATs are to US students - the results pretty much make or break/spell out what future school you're eligible for. Don't tell me - silly system, to impose this on 11-yr-old kids. It was the case 16 years ago when I took the same paper too, and despite talks, talks, and more talks of eradicating this archaic system, nothing really gets done. Worse - parents themselves fall into the rat race, pushing their kids to this frontline to 'prove what they're worth', all at this tender age. Sheesh...

Now, starting next Tuesday, my 7-yr-old starts the end of the year exams for second grade. It seems like yesterday that we were buying his school supplies and he was all hopping and excited to 'not be the new kids' in school. Where did the time go?

And don't ask me where the time will go after that - on November 4, they both go on summer break. 9 full weeks of staying at home. Lord, how will I survive???

So on those very dismal perspectives for my sanity and livelihood, I leave you today. Any positive thoughts/vibes you can send my way are more than welcome!

From Mauritius with love,



Joanna D'Angelo said...

zee - good luck with your exams!

gosh - hard to remember back to "those school girl days". ;)

you live in a topsy turvy world! summer vaca in November? I know - it's all different "down undah" - same goes for Mauritius.

Zee Monodee said...

Thanks Joanna! It sure is an insane world! Studying at close to 30 is much, much different from close to 13. Sigh. The blissful ignorance of youth... :)

Lol, yeah, it's insane to think of summer in Nov-Dec, but I had a hard time reconciling myself to chimney fireplace instead of open-air BBQ in the same period abroad.