Friday, October 15, 2010

Progress Friday

Measly progress this week, but beggars aren't choosers, innit? I'll take it with open arms!

Not making as much headway as I'd want to given the current state of things - studies done and one textbook down, 9 days to go till my first exam. At least I finished the course load 10 days before the exam, instead of something like 10 or so hours (yeah, been known to happen...).

Also stuck at a certain point in the WIP. Know the feeling when your brain has been going too fast and then suddenly slams into a wall because it's overwrought? That's my current plight. I know what's to happen, just not yet how. Sigh.

Still, looking forward to a restful weekend. I need it after beating the heck out of my media ethics module these past few weeks!

Have a great weekend, everyone. Catch up with you all on Monday.

From Mauritius with love,


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