Monday, November 08, 2010

Random Thoughts' Monday: Return of the Connection

I'm sorry that last week the blog has remained blank. As most of you know, I was in my final examination week at uni and it's probably the one exam I was less prepared for. I slaved away through Monday-Thursday to try and cram all the 400+ page marketing and distribution management knowledge to be able to sit for the exam on Friday morning. Thank goodness I did know my answers, but I wonder if I'll pass and even be able to scrimp the required 50% pass mark... Oh well, I'll have my answer circa December 10.

So yes, I cut myself off the Internet to get some studying done, but that wasn't hard to do seeing how my ISP was playing catch with me last week. They barely allowed me to log in, and if I did get through, I had no actual connection and I'd lose any link to their server after 2-3 minutes. Wait for a further 30 minutes before the modem even allowed another attempt at connection, and when I called their assistance number, can you believe it - 13 times out of 18 successive calls, they lifted the phone and let it drop back in the cradle! The other 5 times they let the phone ring until the line went dead by itself. I've never believed a company could be so unprofessional... It took my husband calling them from his mobile phone (Caller ID in place there... I wonder...) and they answered, all eager to 'help'. Hubby told them our contract's coming to an end on November 30 and we're not gonna renew - what's the procedure?
Bumbled reply from them, and since that day (Thursday afternoon), would you believe the connection is 'perfect'?

I'm having a terrible crash and burn moment right now, especially with the kids being on 9-weeks summer break. Have no idea how I'll cope... :)

Still, once more, I'm sorry. I'm not one to go "blame it on the whatever entity" but this time, yes, I do say, blame it on my ISP! Couldn't attend half of the good lineup at the So You Think You Can Write Harlequin event and could only catch up really late on boards and read transcripts! Sheesh...

Hope we'll all have a great week!

From Mauritius with love,



Chicki Brown said...

I have a real love/hate relationship with technology. This week I H-A-T-E it with a passion!

If no one else understands, I do ...

Zee Monodee said...

Thanks girl. I hate incompetent services gobbling your money up and not delivering a passable service even more! The gall of these companies!

Commiserating with you, hang in there.


Sandy said...

Hey Zee,
I know you'll do just great with your exam. I have faith in your abilities.