Monday, December 06, 2010

Random Thoughts' Monday: back and kickin'!

Hello beautiful people!

Yeah, it's been awhile... A month, actually, Monday to Monday. Yes, I was away, but today I'll tell you the reason why I pulled a disappearing act on my blog (and Internet life in general).

If anyone of you remembers the last week of active posting on this space, you'll recall I had a Tuesday Tidbit post about breast cancer awareness. The day after, I struck a blank as to my usual Writing Wednesday post. At the time I had told you that I was studying and neck deep in exam preparation.

While this was true, there was another reason why I struck a blank that day, and why I've been away. It's name is "breast lump". Towards the end of September, I found, completely by chance, a lump the size of a kidney bean in my other, not-cancer-affected breast. Since that day it's been a barrage of tests and hospital and doctor visits. Needless to say, this completely sapped at my energy. Add to it that I was also taking uni exams, and as usual (bad student that I am!), I had left the bulk of the study to the last few weeks.

After the last exam, I just crashed and burned, no longer able to keep up appearances that all was well. I was also getting ready to go in for surgery. There was no way I was allowing cancer back in my life again! Said intervention happened on Wednesday November 17. I stayed a total of 6 days in hospital, and returned home the following Monday. I was in functioning order, but still not allowed to do much. Drove me nuts, actually! I gradually got back into the Internet life (about died from not having a connection while at the hospital!), but then the 'joys' of recovery caught up with me. I start the day all eager to tackle some stuff, but boom! 11 am and all I feel like is going to sleep. :) Doesn't make for a very productive life, innit?

Still, that now out of the way, I hope you peeps will understand why I've been away. But I'm back, and here for good now, lol!

And oh yeah, I've also started a new story while in the hospital (I wrote on my qwerty phone. I know, everyone thought I was a freak there too!). I'm updating the meter to look forward to the progress on this new WIP, which is a little something I'm doing after being fired up by the events of the SYTYCW Harlequin event.

So I hope I'm welcome once more... Missed ya all, and looking forward to catching up!

From Mauritius with love,



J Hali Steele said...

It's so GOOD to have you back (((hugs))). Missed you bunches.

Unknown said...

Lovely to have you back with us Zee. The net is just not the same without your good cheer x

Thalamic Systems said...

Hi Zee

Glad to hear all is well with you. And glad to hear you're back in action.

Zee Monodee said...

Awww, thanks guys!! It's good to be back. Just wasn't the same either with my cyber folks!!