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Link Thursday: What Guys Notice About Women

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I'm back on the roll, ready and bouncing! That forced rest did me a world of good (thanks, hubby! Even if you force-weaned me from my Internet addiction...)

So, trolling my Links folder today to find the article to post, I saw this one. I'd read it a few weeks ago and I thought it was very good advice to a) know what makes a guy 'look twice', and b) what would make a hero too look twice - why does the heroine catch his eye? What is it about her specifically that draws him in?

Here's some insight, and some of it surprising to say the least...

The article is by Bethany Heitman, and appeared on the Cosmopolitan site. I accessed it on Dec 14, 2010.


8 Things Guys Notice About You Instantly

The second a man sees you, he starts ticking off a checklist to determine if he’ll ask you out. Shocker: A nice badunkadunk is nowhere on that list.

By Bethany Heitman

You know that look where his eyes slide past you...then turn back? Wouldn’t it be great to know what stopped him? You totally can. “There are a few things men instantly observe when they meet a woman,” says Jackie Black, PhD, author of Meeting Your Match. Learn what they are and you can maximize your, um, assets. Then you’ll have your pick.

1. How Thick Your Hair Is
This is all about evolution. Since caveman days, dudes have been drawn to lush locks, which signal that a woman is healthy (translation: shaggable).

2. If Your Smile Is Genuine
Sometimes your eyes crinkle a bit when you grin. Most men are good at distinguishing the vibe of this kind of smile, which says you’re relaxed and fun.

3. The Size of Your Group
You don’t want a big bunch (it’ll be hard for him to approach) or just one friend (he’ll figure you wouldn’t desert her to talk to him). The perfect crew size? Three. Your two buds can keep each other company when you slip away.

4. The Pitch of Your Voice
Studies show that men are drawn to voices in a slightly higher register (think Kristin Bell’s), probably because — yep, evolution — they’re reliable signs of youth and reproductive health.

5. Your Hip-to-Waist Ratio
Yet again, blame eons of human history. Men instinctually look for baby mamas. If your waist is noticeably smaller than your hips, it signifies fertility — a huge point in your favor. A wide belt will emphasize that hourglass shape.

6. Your Glowiness
Guys associate a radiant complexion with good mental health. That’s because stress and anxiety usually cause breakouts and dull skin. So those lotions and bronzers you sweep over your cheeks? Totally worth it.

7. What’s Fake About You
Not personality-fake, but artificial-accoutrement- fake: lashes, hair extensions, etc. To guys, these things shout high-maintenance! Not good.

8. Your Eyes
People focus on eyes more than they do on any other body part. And dramatic eye makeup will have him zeroing in on your peepers even more.

Sources: Daniel Amen, MD, author of The Brain and Love; David Feinberg, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behavior at McMaster University; Helen Fisher, PhD, Professor of Anthropology at Rutgers University and author of Why Her? Why Him?; Lisa Shield, dating coach in Los Angeles


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Erin Kern said...

what interesting insight! I never thought about stuff like that. good find

Brenda said...

Loved this. LOL, I always tell men that when they are sexually attracted to a woman it is because secretly they want to make a baby with her--lol, ensure he spreads his genetic makeup with the world and to ensure our species survival.
It all comes down to instincts, lol.

Zee Monodee said...


I never realised how much of non-verbal communication played a part in all we do and how we interact with others until I learned about it in my communications' degree. That's why I look out for such articles, because they help to clue in on how human's really behave.


Zee Monodee said...


Instincts indeed. We've been programmed in some way... Hmm, good starting premise for a sci-fi/futuristic story... :)