Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Writing Wednesday: Joker!

Hey peeps

I'm gonna pull out my "Joker" card today because I simply do not have it in me to think and write anything coherent right now. You all know what an awful Monday I had - Tuesday and Wednesday haven't been that better, especially since I'm also starting to feel the fatigue which accompanies my hospital treatments. I've bailed out of cooking dinner tonight, and the hubs has banished me to the bedroom with a 'real' book (the wifi signal is kinda weak in there, so no hopping on the Net for me in that case). Still, he's been a darling and tried to lift me up - knowing I needed to write today, he also knew I needed a break and we drove to the beach where I could clock down some words while breathing the rejuvenating air.

I'm sorry I'm bailing out today, but I know you peeps will understand. I promised to look after 'ME' this year and now's a time I really have to do that.

Big hugs

From Mauritius with love,



Erin Kern said...

You should definitely look after you, Z. you've earned it.

Chicki Brown said...

Like the old McDonald's commercial used to say, "You deserve a break today!" Enjoy ...

Zee Monodee said...

Thanks ladies!

I had a nice relaxing time. Did wonders for the spirit and for the writing too. :)