Monday, January 31, 2011

Random Thoughts Monday: A Kitchen Slave In The Making!

Posting late today as I'm just coming over from my kitchen. Yup, these blokes have turned me into a cooking slave! Today I made Spanish Rice, Refried Beans, and Salsa. Now if anyone comes up and asks for dessert, I'm gonna blow my top off! :)
Kinda getting into this whole cooking deal. Over the weekend I made pitta bread twice, chicken shawarma, garlic sauce, Chow Mein (or what we call here Fried Noodles!) with chilli-lemon sauce, and homemade Mediterranean/Greek yoghurt. Didn't really 'get' what the whole fuss over Greek yoghurt was until I made it and tasted it. Lots, lots smoother than regular yoghurt. I'm a die-hard Greek yoghurt convert now!
Cooking isn't really that bad really - I was losing a lot of time in the preparation phase. Now since I came across a video on cutting skills, I have to say things are much faster and more efficient. Almost makes you want to cook!
Not to mention the money I'm getting to save. Taking 4 people, of that 2 growing boys who eat exactly like their dad (ie ginorminous portions that they burn off without putting an ounce on! Grrrr!) - let's just say this total adds up. For a third of the cost, I got us all this food at home and we also knew what we were eating, know what I mean?

But something else is nagging at me today. It's just 'one of these days', you know... The thing is, I had set January 31st as a personal deadline for my current writing project. Instead of Done, I'm looking at the gauge being slightly past the halfway mark. Not at all pleased.

Now I know life happens. Sh*t happens too, and I also know a brush with cancer definitely falls in that S category. But then I also think - everyone is dealing with his/her own type of S material. What qualifies me above the lot that I can evoke excuses? I know that since I started this story (start of November 2010), I've had surgery, post-op recovery, daily radiation therapy sessions for 5 consecutive weeks. Still... I don't know. I'm annoyed at myself, because I should've been able to make it, you know?

Oh well... Tomorrow's another day, innit?

Speaking of, yikes - let me tell you what my week will be like!
Monday - Normal (kiddo in school from 8am-3pm, hubby at work 8am-5pm)
Tuesday - Public Holiday (everyone at home, and of course, on my back!)
Wednesday - Normal
Thursday - Public Holiday again *me making a face, coz I'm in one of those rare professions that don't do well with 'impromptu' days off for everyone else*
Friday - Normal

Can anyone hope to get anything 'normal' done in such a setup? I wonder... Wish me luck!

From Mauritius with love,



Chicki Brown said...

You've been cooking like mad! That's one thing I just can't get into ... except on holidays.

I was going to suggest you go out to the coffeehouse (tea house?) to work, but I remember you saying that's considered bad manners there. Honestly, if it wasn't for the people on laptops, Starbuck's would go out of business ...

Cut yourself a break for not reaching your quota on the book. You have a very valid excuse!

Zee Monodee said...

Lol Chicki. Never thought I'd get bitten by the cooking bug either. Gonna ease up on that a bit now, because I really need to get other stuff done too.

No Starbucks here yet, and everyone would just stare and stare at you if you go to a public place with a laptop. Even on my phone at the hospital I got so many comments and questions. People not used to seeing others 'work' in a 24/7 mode here.

Yeah, a valid excuse for the past few weeks. I'm not gonna have any now, so I really need to whip myself into shape. :)