Friday, January 28, 2011

Progress Friday

I'm jumping up and down here! In the past week, my story went up a a full 10%, clocking in at 52% today. Over the halfway mark! Whoo-hoo! I know, nothing to be "so" excited about but with my recent health & fatigue track record, 10% on the WIP is astounding progress. To think that this week I only had 4 days really 'free' from the spectre of hospital visits - will I be able to ramp up the pace when I have 6 free days? (1 day in that full week's got to be for my family, lol). Let's tune in next week to find out, okay? :)

I'll consider the following progress - that my health should be back to normal now, at least in the coming month. I've still got a burnt side that needs healing, but thank goodness it's not looking like zombie flesh (sorry if I gross you out.) I like to remember how bad it was the first time around so I won't complain of the nagging little pain and pull in the skin now.

Now, sigh... something I haven't touched in ages now is exercise. I mean, I was fatigued, yes, but that's an excuse really. Not to mention the fact that I'm not supposed to let water get in touch with the radiation-treated area. Hello? Try that Pilates workout (or better still, that Black Swan hyped, ballet-inspired workout doing the rounds on atm) and you're sweating like a *insert the animal's name here, you know which one! If you're a writer and you don't, well, you should find out what I'm talking about!* So, sweat = water, and uh, you're supposed to shower afterwards too, innit? Unless you wrap your chest in saran wrap every single day, a full contact shower is just not possible (don't ask me how I've survived the past 5 weeks. I, uhm, bent the rules a bit... by having my regular shower...). So I should get back on that horse. Soon... I promise...

One place where I'm coming out of my comfort zone a lot lately is the kitchen. I used to have an awfully crappy Internet connection before and now I've got something similar to broadband. I opened the treasure gate on YouTube, where I watch like 5 video recipes, minimum, a day! All there are inspiring me to try new things in the kitchen, especially stuff we love and which cost a pretty penny when you add it all up at the end of the month. I'm trying to make pitta bread today - will let you know how it comes out. :)

What have you peeps got planned for the weekend? I've not slotted a lot. My MIL is in the hospital, on observation for pain lancing up on one side of her face. We'll be going to and fro to see her over the next few days. Yeah, I know, hospital again (not the one I go to. That one, my husband calls our second home!). But hey, there's a huge, huge difference in going to the hospital as a visitor and as a patient!

Hope you all have a great weekend.

From Mauritius with love,



LM Spangler said...


Awesome news on your story's progress! So glad to hear you're done with the back and forth to the hospital.

Expecting to do the same thing I do every weekend. Grocery shopping with hubby and daughter, nap and watch a little TV. Weekends usually equal family time. I may get some writing in.

Have a great weekend.


Zee Monodee said...

Hey Lynn

Yup, weekends tend to be family time here too. Though lately I find the boys bonding much more with their dad than with me. Little men in the making, lol. Still, that frees me up some me-time during the weekend, so I can't complain. End of the month here, so I'll send the man to do the grocery shopping so I don't have to face the crowds. He's got this amazing ability to zip through aisles and get everything in a jiffy. *grin*

Indeed, the story is progressing. :)

Hugs back!

Beth Ciotta said...

AS always, love catching up on your life and leave your blog in a daze of wonder. Truly. You are amazing.

AS you know I tanked on exercise this week as well. Sure, I wasn't feeling all that great, but I'm not battling health isueas as you are so I feel doubly worse. It oild down to a severe lack of motivation. One that I swear I will conquer this coming week.

Black Swan workout??? I missed that one. Link please?

Lastly, congrats on your word count, Zee. Any forward movement, any at all, is PROGRESS. Yay for you!

Trish said...


10% is a huge victor on any given week. You need to celebrate. Not with walking though, or with water-- maybe with alcohol and chocolate. Yeah, that sounds like the kind of celebrating you should be doing. lol

I'm actually planning on reworking my schedule over the weekend and fitting daily walking in. . . somehow. lol

It's starting to get light enough now that I can start walking again after work. And I won't need a flashlight!

Hope your writing and health continues to improve.

Zee Monodee said...

Hey Beth

so glad you could drop by! Lol, I can say the same thing when I leave your YOM blog, :) I think that's the beauty of social connections - we can each, in our own way an in our own turn, help and inspire others. It's like a chain, with every connection making the previous in the chain stronger. Lol, at least that's how I like to think of it.

Lol, lady - battling with the aftermath of a flu/cold bug is enough to make ME, on any day, feel like something the cat dragged in, so that you're evn functioning in such conditions is amazing.

Okay, here's the Black Swan-inspired workout|01-19-2011|

I'll drop by your blog and post it up there too. The moves sound amazing. Tough and really make you work, but great nevertheless.

Yeah, grin, any forward movement is progress. Like I was telling a friend the other day,e ven opening that Word doc and looking at the words is progress, because you could easily choose to NOT open the thing.


Zee Monodee said...

Heya Trish

I did celebrate - there was a packet of Arnott's Kingston biscuits (delicious crumbly golden cookie with a choc-cream filling). Awesome bliss! In my defense though, I only had 2. :)

Need to get my week schedule in order too. Order of the day - get a new exercise mat. The one I have is killing my hips.

Ooh, I love to walk outside, but with the almost perpetual rain in my town, not exactly possible. So the man-powered treadmill it is. Sigh.

Best of luck for the new week to you too, girl! Hugs