Monday, January 10, 2011

Random Thoughts' Monday: What a wonderful world... Not!

*Hear my head going thunk on the table/surface in front of me*

Hey peeps

That line above has been pretty much my state of mind today. Oh, I knew today wasn't gonna be easy, but sometimes things conspire to make the world a really tedious place to be. Okay, yes, I'm gonna whine!

Kiddo started school today. Great! Brilliant even! First day at school means new class, and this time, new teacher. Had to wait until all the organizing was done, classes sorted out, kids channelled to said classes, parents cutting in front of me as if they owe the place to go talk to the teacher. Now, some people really have no manners, and they make you blow your top off. But that's not a good reason to be as rude as they ae and cut in front of them to just drop a word with the teacher, even if you're already gonna be late to your hospital stand-in appointment for treatment. So I wait - 1 hour at the school. Finally do manage to talk to the new teacher, and off we are to the hospital.

Get there in one piece and I'm Number 11 on the treatment roster. Number 3 has just gone in. An average of 5-10 minutes for each patient in there - do the maths, equals... More waiting! Yay (not!!).

10.30 am - finally done with the radiation therapy round. By now my butt is flat from sitting on that waiting room bench (at least I got to sit down. A really nice gentleman stood to give me the seat. At least gallantry's not dead yet.), and my back is as stiff as that bench's nonexistent back rail.

Head over to my next appointment, the surgery post-op review. Appointment at 11. Sit down on yet another stiff wood bench, and... tada!! Wait again!
Now I've learned my lesson at the government hospital - always ask if the doctor you've come to see is working that day or is he/she on leave (in which case you see his stand-in replacement, who literally kicks you to next month's new appointment like Beckham delivering a free kick into the goal post!). So I ask, and I'm told, yes, the doctor is in. Great. I resort to waiting.

Quarter past noon (and I had breakfast at 6 am, nothing since! Stomach screaming bl**dy famine by now), and it's my turn. Not to see the doctor, mind you - to go and sit in the to-see-the-doctor inside waiting room. Now would you believe this? An old woman sits next to me (we're placed literally in the order we have to go in, on another bench (!!) next to the door to the consultation room). On the other side is a man. Halfway through the wait, she leans over, taps the man on his shoulder, and tells him, "I'm after you, aren't I?" The man shrugs, but she's passed the message. I'm "intruding". I'm not one to kick up a fuss (and by then I was already bone tired), so I get up and move to her other side, so she can go in first. Now I dunno why something is not sitting well with me with me, and when the nursing officer doing the patient roster comes in again, I ask him where exactly I should be in the queue. He asks for my name, and frowns, before looking at the old woman...

Turns out, after all, that it was indeed my turn. The old witch jumped up when they called my name and I didn't show up right away because I was helping an old man get over the small step to go into the waiting room. Turns out... she made them believe she was Mrs. Monodee! I mean, the cheek of her! And the best is, turns out it's not the first time she's done this. The old man I'd helped would've gone in after me, and he leaned over and told me to not worry coz they knew what she was about. Talk of being flabbergasted! And she had the gall to intone that she was "sick and couldn't sit outside, she was getting dizzy sitting outside". Thank goodness the nurses dealt with her and made her wait for her turn, or else I swear I would've blown my top off this time and racked up hell!

Still, my plight is not over! My turn to see the doctor... and it's not him, but one of his resident minions, who, as swiftly as Beckham and Zidane in the penalty box, shoots me right through the net to... an appointment next month! Yes, the doctor is 'on leave'! Sheesh!

By the time I got home, all I wanted to do was to *thunk* my head on the desk, the wall, the counter, anything. Having the mother of all headaches right now.

To think this was supposed to be my first day of freedom, what with kiddo in school finally. Sigh... What a wonderful world...

Sorry for the rant. I had nothing else on my mind/brain right now.

From Mauritius with love *and another head thunk*



Penelope said...

Docs are never fun, and never ever respect your time. That might have been a whole new level of human dis-respectfulness though.
Now that that's over, reach really really deep for some happy thoughts. At least some peaceful thoughts. You know illness hates those kind of thoughts, so it's a little getting even for you. (even if it's not the awful humans - they'll get theirs eventually)
I'm sending you lovely, calming, peaceful, harmonious, happy happy happy vibes now.... take them, they're free.

Erin Kern said...

You always have the most interesting stories. I hope you don't have to go through this much longer. {{{hugs}}}

Zee Monodee said...

Ha, Mauritian doctors have disrepectfulness to a whole parallel dimension level! Guess it's the price to pay for a free healthcare system. Still...

Yes, good, happy thoughts! I'm gonna have my revenge on the negativity later on the blog, the Tuesday's post. Stay tuned, it's gonna be yummy! :)

*grabbing the happy vibes* Hugs

Zee Monodee said...

Lol Erin. One day I'm gonna look back at this and laugh... Soon!

Just 2 more weeks, hoprfully.


Trish said...


Zee, my sympathy on a horrible day. I hope the rest of the week smooths out for you!

Hang in there. Two more weeks and you can relax!

Martha Ramirez said...

I can't believe some people. I hope today is a better day for you, Zee!