Friday, February 25, 2011

Progress Friday

I have to confess... I didn't make it till March. Sigh. Yes, once again, I got bitten by the writing bug.

So we're back in business, peeps! Check out the WIP Progress meter - it's up and running again. I wrote Chapter 1 on this new story during the week. The minute I 'finished' with my research, the characters were screaming to get out and I had - I just had! - to let them out. :) Don't you love when that happens to you? Of course, it probably makes you even more of a neurotic basket case than you already are, but who's keeping tabs? (And no, the husband and kids don't count! They already know you're one brick short of a patio).

10% down - I dunno why, but I got a feeling. This story will (hopefully) write itself pretty well. I've put down a strong outline and it's mostly a road map to me now. No, I'm not working from a synop this time. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it, just not now. I'm in this sparkly little bubble when any writer starts a new story. I have a feeling I'll keep this light burning bright in the coming weeks, the time it'll take to finish this piece.

With the thought that I have my first uni assignment due in 2 weeks, I really have to get all my ducks lined up. And start studying too, come to think of it. If the characters will cooperate... :)

Cannot believe it's already Friday! Where's the time flying, people? Last Friday of February too, at that! Unbelievable. Now that means next week we're getting into March... sometime special... *wink* I'll keep you posted. Stay tuned.

What have you got planned this weekend? All I can think of is that my cupboards and pantry shelves are empty, and I need to go grocery shopping. This weekend. At the end of the month. When everyone else will be going shopping too. Can you predict a raging headache? Hope yours is better than mine (at least less dire!).

From Mauritius with love,



Erin Kern said...

I think you probably write in your sleep, too!

Zee Monodee said...

Lol. I think my husband once mentioned I was talking and brainstorming a book in my sleep. :) I was with fever though. *grins*