Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday: Music Bites

Hey peeps

I'm in that in-between phase between stories, that time when you're on the lookout for a spark, for something, anything to hit home and make you go 'Aha!'. I usually turn to my music playlist in such moments - songs inspire me, spark off the little fire I need to set an idea aflame.

I thought I'd share 2 songs which are playing in repeat mode lately on my shuffle playlist.

The first is by Romanian singer Inna. Yeah, her music is nothing 'out of this world', it's pretty usual, generic, club-scene, dance music. But you know what? Just like junk food is great for the soul, junk music is great for the mind too. :) Inna sparked off a little tidbit I'd been looking for regarding a story I started last year and allowed to fall off because I couldn't get a good grip on it. The heroine, like Inna, is a dance tune singer.
This is the video for Sun Is Up.

The other song playing on and on, with me learning the lyrics by heart, is Whataya Want From Me by Adam Lambert. I listen to this song and just know this is the hero's theme in a story I've got planned for later on in 2011. The words were totally him, a perfect response to the conflict the heroine sets forth.

What music are you listening to at the moment?

From Mauritius with love,



Tammy said...

LOL, Cher...Walkin in Memphis...

LM Spangler said...


I have such a wild playlist ranging from anything from the 50's through 2011.

The story I have currently submitted was inspired by Kenny Chesney's "That's Why I'm Here." Amazing what can spark a story idea.

Zee Monodee said...

It's been ages since I listened to Cher, Tammy. I admit I'm more familiar with her 'new' sounds like 'Believe', which came out a decade or so ago, if I'm not mistaken (Groans, that long? It felt like yesterday!)

Zee Monodee said...


Music and lyrics do that to me - they are my spark. I've gotten ideas about stories and the developments in them just by listening to songs.

That song sounds perfect for your story. I've got to check it out. :)

Ash said...

I had not heard of Inna before--thanks for the introduction. So cool you mentioned Adam (I looooooooove Adam!) His song, Whatya Want From Me is what gave me the right line to complete my last short romance story!! I really use music for inspiration as well, sometimes that is what it takes to finish a story!