Monday, February 14, 2011

Random Thoughts' Monday: It's February 14...

And it's Valentine's Day! Let's celebrate romance... Okay, lol, for me, I'll probably sit down and watch the DVD of the eponymous movie, and... That's it. :) Believe it or not, my husband doesn't 'do' V-Day. Sigh, I know. Depressing. I really wished I'd get a rose, or anything else, on this day. But like many married people will tell you (or anyone in a relationship, come to think of it) - pick and choose your battles.

My man is the most un-romantic bloke to have ever existed. Not one romance bone in his body. Just my luck, eh? He did make an effort when we'd started dating. His proposal (the official one with the ring) actually came on a Valentine's Day, when he had taken me out to the restaurant. I got the flower and the gift (the ring, people!). The next year when Feb 14 came, we were already married and I was heavily pregnant! Not very conducive to romantic notions, I'll admit. I felt like a heavy cow.

9 years since then (the first V-Day), and I haven't seen a gift or a flower along the way.

But yeah, I picked and chose my battles - I have my man, 365/366 days a year. He might not give me flowers and gifts, but he is there in the little moments, every day. He isn't romantic, but he once told me that V-Day, the behaviour that comes with it, should be something that happens spontaneously every single day of the year, not just February 14.

You know what? I agree. :)

That doesn't mean you don't get to enjoy your big V-Day! Go out, have fun, eat lots of good food... and remember why you're in love. :)

From Mauritius with love,



LM Spangler said...

Hey Zee,

I got a laptop for V-day so everyone has different ideas about romance on Valentine's Day.

I agree with your hubby. It should happen everyday of the year.

Many hugs!

Zee Monodee said...

WTG Lynn! Your hubby's a treasure! Keep him under wraps.

Many hugs back!!

LM Spangler said...


I definitely got myself a great guy. He's a wonderful husband and father. I am very lucky.

Hugs right back at ya!

Chicki Brown said...

My story is so similar. I got so sick of my husband screwing up Valentine's Day, I told him a few years ago that I don't want to acknowledge it any longer. Of course, since I made that announcement, he's come home with a rose and a card every year. Sigh ... In my opinion, I would rather ignore this particular holiday!

Zee Monodee said...

Lucky girl, you, Lynn!

It's so sweet to find people in love.


Zee Monodee said...

Lol Chicki. At least you get the card and flower. When I told hubby yesterday 'Today's Valentine's Day, you know?', his answer was a blank stare. I swear, that's what I got in reply!

The worst came from my 7-year old - he asked, what's Valentine's Day? I was like, it's a day when people celebrate love, they buy flowers and cuddly toys and--
Stop it right there, Mum. I get it.

I was like, huh? You get it? You get what???