Monday, March 07, 2011

Random Thoughts' Monday: On a desperate slope...

Hey everyone!
Hope you all had a nice weekend. Mine wasn't too bad, was all revved up to start the week - a new week, hopefully better than the one I just had. Come to think of it, any week would be better than the one I just had - but let me tell you how this one has started, and what my day has been like so far.

I woke up at 5.30AM to the sound of pouring rain drowning even the drone of the electric fan in the bedroom. We're having one of the worst heat waves ever on the island. Even where I live, which is the coldest place on the upper plateaus, the temps hit way past 30 degrees Celsius every day. Add to it that we're on the top floor - all that lovely solar heat seeps into the concrete ceiling and walls and makes the place a furnace. Not at all conducive to sleeping well! Now it's pointless to invest in A/C you're only gonna use 1 month over a total of 12, innit? So we make do with the fan.

So yeah - pouring rain. Raining cats and dogs actually. Or even worse than that. It's still as pitch dark as 2AM, and by the time 6 o'clock rolls in, I know for sure I'm not braving that not-stopping rain in the car to go drop the kiddo to school. He'll stay home today. Sigh. Just as well, since at 11.30, the government closed all schools and sent all the kids back home.

Now I have a kid on hand, and mums of kids will all tell you it's better - much better - to try not to plan or fit anything requiring more than a minute of concentration into the day when you have a kid on hand. Bye bye writing...
So what have I been doing?
Reading - made some head start on Killer Smile (though I still haven't 'gotten' into the story within the first 50 pages. Wonder if I'll even finish that one...).
Watching TV - I've seen all the soapies episodes (from B&B to Y&R to Days to the Brazilian telenovellas), and that too when the kiddo didn't require the TV to watch Ben 10 and Pink Panther and Tom & Jerry and all that lovely crazy noise-making hoopla that fries adults' brains in 2 seconds flat (my brain can survive soaps fine - not kids' TV though).
I've cleaned (????) - something I didn't know I could do or knew how to do really. My kitchen is now spick and span.
I've made lunch - homemade burgers (and my son nearly gave me a heart attack when the very-carnivorous he asked for lettuce and tomoatoes in the deal!).
I've done the dishes.
I've replied my email and done my rounds on Facebook.
Right now I'm about to head into the kitchen to make dinner - homemade beef enchiladas (everything whipped up from scratch - from the tortillas to the enchilada sauce to the ground meat filling)
And yeah too - I folded laundry.

Now please, please, please tell me how I'm not going crazy yet! I've turned into this Bree Van de Kamp clone and I am literally about to go insane with this kind of life! Yes, I know that since I don't 'work' outside the house in corporate, I'm termed a 'housewife'. Does that mean I gotta be desperate? No!

Writing is my sanity, and sadly, I haven't gotten a chance to do any of that today. Another few consecutive days like this and I'll be totally off my rocker! We do not want to see that happen!
And dread of all dread - the Easter break is just round the corner. Kids at home for 2 weeks.

Can you hear me running around screaming my head off? I can...

That's my ramble for today, and that's been my day so far. Sigh... Thanks for listening (if you're still around, and haven't run off screaming too, lol!)

From Mauritius with love,



Unknown said...

Hang in there, babe. Sometimes we go through these cycles when we feel disconnected from anything that makes us whole. You'll get back on the wagon soon. :)

Chicki Brown said...

I'm just getting around to reading my favorite blogs, so it's already nighttime where you are.

Hope the rest of your day went smoothly. Well, at least you can send kiddo to school tomorrow and spend the day writing in a nice clean house with no piles of laundry taunting you ...

Stop by my FB page when you get a chance and read the wonderful comments about the Hollywood Swinging cover!

Zee Monodee said...

Thanks Angela! Yup, cycles - gotta remember that. Sometimes too, when you've fallen off, something's telling you to wait a little before trying to get back on again, for that perfect swing to come around.

Big hugs!

Zee Monodee said...

Thanks Chicki - the comment indeed posted at night and I'm only getting to see it now. No such luck on the clean house to write - I had to go to the hospital and the dentist today. Only now logging in on the Net. Urghh, just totally awful! But, that's behind me now so I can look forward to better times.

Will definitely drop by your FB - I wanna know what's being said. :)