Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday: Chill on the playlist...

Hey peeps

Awful day today - I had a hospital appointment (meaning I lost a whole morning!) and then I had to - I mean really had to - go to the dentist. Been in tons of pain to my whole right-side jaw for the past few days and I just couldn't keep biting the bullet and try to evade a trip to the dentist. Sigh. Got the awful nerve-saving procedure (or whatever it is called!) done, but now I can't feel my jaw, nor one half of my mouth. I swear - this must be exactly what Botox feels like! I smile and cannot feel anything happen to my features. Spooky!

So, bad day - how to make it better? Chill with some music, what else. Here's some stuff on my playlist at the moment. Features two of my favourite DJs - David Guetta and Martin Solveig. The former has a new hit with Rihanna, while the latter has this absolutely smashing and funny videoclip that has me in stitches every time! Check it out - a 'fake' Roland Garros French Open tennis game between Solveig and fellow DJ Bob Sinclar (who, it has to be said, is smoking hot!). Guest appearance by the yummy Novak Djokovic too - what more can a girl ask for?


From Mauritius with love,


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