Thursday, April 28, 2011

Link Thursday: 15 Things Men Don't Want You to Know About Them

Men... Need I say more? They fascinate us, horrify us half the time, make us wonder if there's something inside that skull...

Turns out there is something going up there!

Check out this artucle, which sheds some startling light on the male psyche. It's accessible here, and is from, written by Andrew Lincoln. Some of this insight is funny, some is downright in ?!?!? mode, and some is downright sweet.

Enjoy, and discover!


15 Things Men Don’t Want You to Know About Them

No matter how much of a know-it-all your man can be, chances are, he still keeps at least a few of these secrets.
1. We’re actually paying really close attention to the amount of carbs we eat.

2. Those Ryan Reynolds romantic comedies we’re always complaining about being dragged to? They’re totally watchable! We wouldn’t mind seeing one tonight...

3. No matter how many times we do it, we get a little nervous every time we have to take off your bra..

4. We steal your deodorant all the time—even the kind that smells like lilac breeze or whatever...

5. We’ve thought about which of your sisters we’d sleep with if we had to. And we’ve decided..

6. When you leave the house to go running, there’s a 47 percent chance we’re going to masturbate..

7. We’re still a tiny bit confused about all that anatomy down there..

8. Say we’re at a baseball game and we’re sitting in left field. We’re really kind of scared a ball’s going to be hit to us and we’ll have to catch it or be embarrassed..

9. For approximately the first 49 times you see us naked, we’re sucking in our stomach..

10. We wonder if you think it’s too small and obsess about whether it’s at least as big as your last boyfriend’s..

11. We want to try yoga...

12. There’s a good chance we shave our chest hair with clippers...

13. We don’t want to pick up the check nearly as often as we pick up the check...

14. Your dad still scares us...

15. We’re often way more into you than we’re comfortable letting on...


From Mauritius with love,



M.J. Kane said...

LMBO Zee! Those were some funny thoughts. I wonder exactly how many of those my husband thinks about. I'm pretty sure if I asked he wouldn't tell me.

Zee Monodee said...

Lol MJ. I kept going "no way!" when I first read this piece.

I'm pretty sure mine is not thinking about doing yoga though, :)

Now imagine a hero thinking stuff like this - can make for a total riot!