Friday, April 29, 2011

Progress Friday

Late posting today because of this *points at picture on the left*. It's now close to 5 pm here and I've been in front of my TV since 11 am this morning catching everything and anything about the wedding! After all the waiting, the hype is over and this goes down as a page being written in the book of history.

Absolutely beautiful wedding, no other words to describe it but perfect!

Back to business... no WIP progress per se this week. I have worked out some kinks about the 'future' for the protagonists. Need to point out I'm taken by some contract work at the moment, and my spare time is going into studying for my university exam happening in exactly 3 weeks.

Going into the weekend on the love wedding high. :) Nothing much planned this weekend, except for maybe some work as I've got deadlines on the contract stuff.

What are you up to?

From Mauritius with love,



M.J. Kane said...

Doing some work of my own this weekend! Writing to make up for two missed days this week. Enjoy your weekend!

Zee Monodee said...

You've been on a writing roll, MJ! So envious of that atm, :)

Have a nice weekend too, girl!


Anonymous said...

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