Friday, April 08, 2011

Progress Friday

Finally Friday! Thank God it's Friday!!

One week of the Easter break down, one more to go. Didn't think I'd get much done this past 7 days, what with the kiddo being home and the TV, or the game console, or the GameBoy, or a very talkative and lively 7.5 year old, always making some nerve-jarring noise in the background. All things considered, what I did get accomplished this week is good. Nowhere near where I wanted my progress to be, but it's still good.

The WIP is now standing in at 30% completed. Not so shabby. Could've been better, sure - but at least I got some done while the kiddo was away at my mum's the other day. Seriously, the more the kids get older, the more I find it's hard to write or work or even concentrate with them around. I thought it'd be the other way round, but no. Parenting is a 24/7 thing, a you get time for 'other' things when the kids are in the care of someone else (teacher or Granma). Otherwise, expect that it's your on-the-spot duty to be a parent. Mind you, I don't resent my job as a parent - wouldn't exchange it for anything in the world! - but it's just that sometimes, you want some of these 'other' things. Like uninterrupted time to write...

Oh well, just another week to hold on and I can get back to my routine of kid-free days from 8am-3pm. Patience... It's the name of the game.

Looking forward to testing some desserts on the poor unsuspecting blokes here - I'm making trifle tomorrow, and gonna try to make chocolate lava cakes too. If I can find a good substitute for buttermilk...

What have you planned for the weekend?

From Mauritius with love,


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