Monday, April 11, 2011

Random Thoughts' Monday: A Good Start...

Late posting today - we literally just stepped home and I'm sneaking in while everyone else is taking turns to use the bathroom (they're all covered in sand and dried salt from the sea water!)

This is where we were:

And this is a closer look at what the water looked like, though the pics aren't really that good. The real deal takes your breath away!

I'd never been to this beach before. It's at a place called Palmar, on the eastern coast of the island. Now one thing you gotta know is I'm stickler for the familiar and the comfy (give me the tourist-y spots that turn to a Baywatch-type populated area anytime). I'm an old slippers kinda girl (though let's not mention my shoes fetish here, and how a good deal of my money goes into shoes...).

That being said, let me add that I'm saddled with an adventurer. My husband is one of those people who won't do things like 'most people'. He'll trek to out and out roads and ways to find 'the' spot. This is how we found ourselves going to this beach today. It's totally off the beaten tracks, and never if you'd asked me would I have said 'I wanna explore'. Sigh - when you're saddled with an explorer, well then you gotta make do with what comes your way. Sadly (for me anyway), both our boys have the adventurous spirit too. All 3 of my blokes were right into the water within minutes and for the first time they all went snorkeling together.

They had to pull me out of the car - yes, I stay in the car when I can. I don't like the sun, or the humidity, or the sand crystals sticking to my feet, or the spray landing on my glasses and misting my sight... So they tugged me out and plopped me in the water (literally! Lifting me is no problem for my husband).

Now would you believe the water worked its magic on me, and that I didn't want to get out of its comfortable, tepid heat even an hour later? The sea was so clear and the sun shining so bright it was like looking through clear crystal. The sand bed in the water was like the best ever rug, and the beach - powdery and so fine, it was like walking through sifted icing sugar!

Did I say this seemed like a slice of heaven...? No, didn't need to, did I? :)

Hope your week's started well!

From Mauritius with love,



Martha Ramirez said...

Wow Zee. TRULY amazing. So very beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Zee Monodee said...

You're welcome, Mart!

Like I've said countless times, the pics really don't do it justice.