Thursday, May 19, 2011

Link Thursday: Top 9 Lies Women Tell Men

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D-1 to the dreaded exam. Consequently, being immersed in textbooks and other persuasive text parlance that reads like utter gibberish and makes no sense whatsoever - I didn't subject you to a Wednesday ramble. Still, it's hard to be away from the blog, especially when blogging seems to be one of the sane things in your life.

So without further ado, here's today's link up. I got it from the Cosmopolitan Australia site, and you can access the article to get the pics accompanying each 'lie'.


Top nine lies women tell men
 We know, we know, honesty is the best policy. But anyone who says they've never dropped a porky pie is, erm, lying. Clearly. Here are the top nine whoppers we tell men...

1. That you’re the best sex we’ve ever had

Well, what else are we supposed to say? “You’re the worst?” Unlikely! Telling a man he’s the best lover you’ve ever had is the easy way out, and one that he’s pleased with. What they don’t know doesn’t hurt them, does it?

2. “I’m nearly ready to go”

This is more often than not spoken in a tone that reeks of panic – frantic harassed panic as we try to look as ready as we’re pretending to be. This is always a lie.

3. “I’m fine”

The universal white lie that tumbles from ladies' lips with reckless abandon (and often, silent fury). If a female hisses this phrase at you, chances are we are not fine.

4. "It was on sale!"

The last thing we want to be accused of is blowing too much money of frivolous items, so we lie about it because we can. Then we cross our fingers that you have no idea that Camilla & Marc almost NEVER run sales.

5. That we love spending time with your family

It’s not that we hate spending time with them, and this is not a lie in every case, but we’d rather just be spending time with you, alone.

6. “Sure, you can call me...”

When faced with a perfectly nice guy asking us out, we feel trapped. Most of the time he hasn’t done anything wrong – he’s just not our type – and we feel we can’t give them the full rejection speech or the cold shoulder. So we smile politely and lie.

7. How much we weigh

This is dangerous territory for you, buddy. A woman should never have to divulge this information if she doesn’t want to and if you put us on the spot we'll probably tell you how much we weigh...minus a couple of kilos.

8. “You’re right.”

If you win a fight because we defeatedly mutter “You’re right,” don’t be fooled. We’re lying, saying these words just so we don’t have to listen to you anymore. Of course, we don't really believe it...

9. "Just tell me the truth...”

Good news: this is when YOU get to lie.


I'll admit I'm totally guilty of # 2, so that now my husband always asks if I said I'd be ready in 5 minutes or 5 Zee minutes, in which case he knows he can catch an episode of Firefly/Burn Notice/Castle before I'll emerge.
And I'm sometimes guilty of # 4 too - even though my last binge was actually at a sale at Aldo.

What do you plead guilty to?

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Penelope said...

#3 - the only time those two words come out of my mouth, you can bet I'm not fine. Especially if they are accompanied by frenzied dish scrubbing and cabinet door slamming. For some reason, if I'm angry, I wash dishes. Furiously.

Zee Monodee said...

Lol Penny! I totally hear ya on the slamming cabinet doors. I tend to do that too. How can men really believe us when we say "I'm fine" after an argument?


Chicki Brown said...

I like this, because it's SO true!

Zee Monodee said...

Lol Chicki - it's all spot on, innit?