Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday: The Revolving Book

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It's exam time so I'm not gonna be much into content-intensive posts this week. However, that doesn't mean there won't be any content whatsoever on the blog!

For today, I have a message from a dear friend I want to put across. Her name is Joanna D'Angelo, and I met her through Facebook a couple years ago through the group she had on there, Love Romance Novels. We went on to become friends, and Joanna invited me to participate in her pop culture blog, originally called MissMakeAMovie, but which today has morphed under the very appropriate moniker of thePopCultureDivas. As of today, there's a grand total of 44 Divas which make up that posse, each Diva blogging once every other month. If you don't check this blog yet, make it a point to do so! 44 women, each with her own take and opinion on the world and pop culture - makes for some excellent reading! Not to mention that there's a Wedding special going on right now - you don't wanna miss this.

Anywho, Joanna's group hosted this amazing feature called The Revolving Book, where she made the group members discover a new book every week. Sometimes it was 'big-name' titles, but most of the time, these were outstanding romance titles that would've fallen off the radar had someone not pointed at them. Unfortunately, Facebook is initiating changes to its Groups features, and Joanna had this amazing idea.

I'll let her tell you about it - all about The Revolving Book, in her own words!


The NEW Revolving Book

by Joanna D’Angelo

Welcome to our exciting new home! The Revolving Book will be your place to meet and chat about our favourite thing – the books we love to love!

So, I hope you’ll stop by when you can – jump in and take part in our usual weekly REVOLVING BOOK which will be posted here every Tuesday (and linked to the facebook group page) as well as THE QUESTION OF THE WEEK and other fun chat topics.

The facebook group will still keep going – but facebook is essentially cutting out all the functions that made the groups – well – groups! Functions such as discussion boards and the ability for me to send out weekly messages to all of the members. Our groups are essentially becoming “pages”.

So – I will continue the facebook group of course (after all – I was one of the first romance fiction groups – heck, I think one of the first fiction groups on facebook.) I launched Love Romance Novels and the Revolving Book in March 2007 – so I’m an old-timer as far as social media is concerned!

The facebook group will be linked to this web site which will provide lots of cool stuff that I could never fit onto facebook to begin with. Including an archive of the Revolving Books! Imagine tha – being able to go through a back catalogue of all the books that I post here with tags pertaining to their genre! Woohoo! So, lots of goodies to be found here.

I’m super excited about this and all YOU have to do is sign up and you can receive my weekly missive so you know when The New Revolving Book is up on facebook and especially on this nifty new site.

We’ll have a lot more freedom here to move and grow and build and we won’t be limited to the whims and whimsies of facebook’s administrative team!

I have lots of exciting ideas planned – things I know that you’re all going to love! Author chats, giveaways, contests and more!

And for our first order of fun – anyone who signs up to this web site gets a free e-book from Lachesis Publishing.

There are a lot of books to choose from in many different genres – romance/historical/contemporary/horror/mystery/YA etc…

So be a part of the NEW WAVE of THE new REVOLVING BOOK.

It’s YOUR group!

Here’s how you subscribe – just click on the SUBSCRIBE BUTTON ON THE TOP RIGHT SIDE BAR. EASY PEASY!

E-mail me at therevolvingbook@gmail.com to let me know you’ve subscribed so we can arrange for the free e-book!




And what's the Revolving Book? I'll let Joanna answer you here too. :)



THE REVOLVING BOOK welcomes both authors and readers alike! We feature ONE new release per week (THE REVOLVING BOOK).

What makes us so unique? We feature books that sometimes go unnoticed – books that might slip under the radar – books that could end up being “keepers” on your bookshelf but they haven’t been given that chance because they didn’t get a big promotion or they were put out by a small press or they were published independently by the authors or because they’re older titles that have been re-printed etc… THE REVOLVING BOOK doesn’t operate like most book sites – we don’t review books (we do include links to reviews) and we don’t choose primarily based on what’s new or up and coming (however we do post new releases with great pleasure). We go by the authors themselves (and publishers as well). Authors send in their submissions – (both old and new titles) – as long as it’s in print it’s eligible to be THE REVOLVING BOOK. And we think that’s pretty darn special!

We also feature THE QUESTION OF THE WEEK – along with THE REVOLVING BOOK posting. It’s a fun way to connect with fellow readers and writers. The answers and comments run from fun to outrageous to poignant – and they are always interesting!

PLUS! We always have giveaways and other goodies to be had!

Love any good books lately?



I hope you will join up! I've already registered, and can't wait to get started.

From Mauritius with love,


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