Monday, May 16, 2011

Random Thoughts' Monday: Catching Up...

Hey peeps

Do you know this feeling when everything is catching up with you? Rolling, snowballing, a huge swallowing of dread gathering just behind your back and waiting to engulf you the minute you let your guard down? That's where I am right now.

D-3 to the exam, and if you ask me to sit for that paper today, I can assure you I will fail. I have no idea still what I am studying. Yes, the study guide and textbook material make sense, in a weird twisted way, but do I recall what I'm reading? Nopes.

Now in case you're wondering - No, I'm not panicking. Not yet. I've been through worse exam prep (a paper to write on a Tuesday which I actually started studying for - read that as in crack the book open for the first time! - on the previous Thursday. Don't ask why - it's always something and the other happening with me!). So, yes, not panicking. Yet. Let's just hope I am good with having faith in myself this time around too. But in another way, I'm jittery, because this is the last paper. Last ever! I mean, I've tortured myself with this degree for 8 years - think I'll go for more tertiary studies? Haha, you got another think coming then! Yes, in that way, I've got a totally lazy, sloth-filled brain!

And too, it doesn't help that we're in May - which is usually nice, comfy weather. I remember that when I had given birth to my son 8 years ago in May, I spent the time at the clinic and at home wearing those light, flimsy cotton shifts. Unfortunately, not the case now. Weird weather pattern or something, but it's getting cold. Quilt and afghans needed in evenings and night-time, socks and a light wrap in the mornings when you wake up, jacket & jumper when you step out, especially before noon. It gets dark as early as 5.30 PM, and at 6 AM, it still looks like the thick of night.

So you end up trading this, your everyday Ipanema by Gisele Bundchen sandals:

for this, Aldo Swendsen boots (which I have in black, btw):

...literally from one day to the other!

And along the weekend, you walk by Aldo and fall like a rabid fan on this - the Aldo Kelli flat, which was on - magic word coming! - Sale!! (Did I mention I'm an Aldo slut?)

Hope you had a nice weekend, and that things are not catching up with you the way they are with me.

From Mauritius with love,


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