Friday, May 06, 2011

Progress Friday

Hey beautiful people

I'm sorry I haven't posted for the past 2 days. It's been a whirlwind here - if you think it all ends with netting a publishing contract, you're soooo far off the mark! It all starts with the contract.

So, since Tuesday, I've been dealing with the amazing folks over at Noble Romance Publishing. They're a huge, huge help with setting everything up and figuring out the lay of the land, so to speak. And... I have a release date!!

Walking The Edge, Book 1 of the Corpus Brides series, will be coming out June 27, 2011!

How awesome is that, eh? I've been alternating being whoops of joy and hyperventilating for the past couple of days. It's like, barely 6 weeks down the line, for God's sake! So much to do... But I'm calling it an investment. What I'm doing now and in the coming weeks to establish myself and my books will be worth it for the long run. Did someone say it's a labour of love? Not to mention that I've been introduced to my editor and we hit the ground running with edits and prep work. Whew!

Busy days... For once, I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend. And yes, I'm hoping that will not be an oxymoron.

What are you up to this weekend? Hope you have a nice one.

From Mauritius with love,



Penelope said...

Congratulations! Wishing you a quiet weekend.


Zee Monodee said...

Thanks Penny!!