Monday, May 09, 2011

Random Thoughts' Monday: Routines and, uh, stuff...

Hey peeps

New week, new routine. Yeah, I know - how can routine be new? Well, if you're like me, juggling different tasks so much your whole persona starts to change with every cape you don, you'd have a routine for everything.

There's the housewife/mum routine, where super-early-tweeters that are your kids bulldoze your sanity to kingdom come the minute you perceive they are awake from the depths of sleep, and where the TV and the GameBoy or Playstation console is your BFF/nanny/super-dumper. In all this time, your routine consists of not blowing your top off and uh, looking after the house. And praying your husband won't mind, once again, to order dinner out that night.

Then there's the writing days routine, where you flit by your inbox and Facebook first thing in the morning and actually manage to turn your Internet connection off and settle down with your computer to uh, write. This all before the kid's school is out, whereby you then revert to housewife/mum routine up above.

And then there's the work/study routine. Where you flit by your inbox and Facebook first thing in the morning just long enough to make sure no life-or-death reply/comment is needed from you, and after that you actually turn into a 'very responsible person' who actually does the work she's been commissioned to do, or study the total nothing-makes-sense university tutorial material and try to cram it all inside your brain and hope beyond rational hope, that come exam time, it will all make sense.

At the moment, I'm supposed to be in the last routine - studies. Got my last exam scheduled in 2 weeks, and no, nothing in my coursework is making sense yet. Still, there's hope - 2 weeks, peeps. I've known worse (as in, 5 days before the exam...).

Trying hard to stay sane, and I'm sad to stay my insomnia is just slightly better so I'm like a walking corpse most of the day. Hope you're all having a better start to this week.

From Mauritius with love,



M.J. Kane said...

Zee, you are my hero! Kids, writing AND school plus work??? I've finally managed to get family, house and writing down without skipping much. Hang in there girl! You can do it! Especially since you've got such a beautiful landscape to do it in. Kinda makes my pine tree greenery outside my bedroom window suck. LOL.

Zee Monodee said...

Thanks MJ! Such sweet words. You know, when the going gets tough, it's people like you who help me to rise above and keep on with whatever is coming up on my path. Thanks, friend!