Friday, August 26, 2011

Progress Friday

Hey peeps

Another week from hell - my son went back to school but left his cold bug home with me. With the runny nose, the sneezing, the awful headache, and the kinks in my body (as if a herd of oxen had happy-rolled over me!), I wasn't really in a state to get much work done.

So, the progress meter moves only by 6.8K - I wanted to strike my 10K goal but once again, no can do... I'm still on target with the book and its deadline, but stuff like what's happened this week and the last are why I prefer to give myself a tight deadline so in the end, I do have some wiggle room when the needs arises.

Before The Morning is about 43% completed (first draft) right now - not too bad after all. I hope to cross the 50% mark next week.

TGIF though, but I'm also looking at a busy weekend where there will be lots of shopping. Taking the boys shopping for clothes tomorrow - and I'm sure by the end of morning, I won't have any hair left! Planning to catch up on my reading, esp a full ms for a fellow CP.

What have you got planned? Hope you have a great weekend anyhow!

Oh, and I have some good news to share with you tomorrow! :)

From Mauritius with love,



Chelle Sandell said...

Tomorrow? You're making me wait until tomorrow to share good news?! You big tease. LOL. Feel better, sweets. Can't have the nose dripping on the may get electrocuted. :D I'm writing today and crits this weekend and trying to help hubby with yard and housework. I've got laundry and dishes done but I'm sure I'll have full loads soon with my rowdy bunch.

Zee Monodee said...

Lol Chelle - I'm waiting for a go-ahead that should come later tonight, hence the 'tomorrow' mention. :)

Oh yes, nose dripping on the keyboard of the laptop - I cannot afford a new computer right now.

How's your writing going? I'm sure you're hard at it. And urgh, don't mention dishes and laundry - I've got like 4 tubs of laundry to fold, eek!

Your rowdy bunch - lol, your house must be real lively with those boys. Don't they grow so fast? :)

Big hugs, Chelle! Glad you dropped by. XOXO

Chicki Brown said...

i can't wait to hear the good news!

Not writing at all here, but will be doing my first in-person book club meeting on Sunday afternoon. I'm nervous but excited. Will let you know how it goes ...

Enjoy your weekend and feel better.

Zee Monodee said...

Lol Chicki! Soon, I promise! :)

Ooooh, that sounds so exciting! Take lots of pics, and if you can shoot a video - I'd love to know how it goes. But I have no doubt you'll wow them all. Just channel Shontae and you'll be fine. *grin*