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Link Thursday: 10 Rules Of Good Taste

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We're literally in the middle of a heat wave here - just imagine: a few weeks ago, we were clocking as low as 17 degrees C and today, it's around 33 degrees C... at the coldest point on the island! I was telling my kids that 10-15 years ago, I would go to my aunt's place in the capital city here, Port Louis, aka The Furnace, and my eyes would go wide if I saw the thermometer at her place reading something like 31 degrees! To think we're getting worse here now - definitely global warming!

That being said, please excuse my brain being mush and me not able to talk a lot about the article going up today. Let's just say it's something all women - real and fictional - should know and bear in mind!

Without further ado, enjoy!

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10 Rules of Good Taste

All women want to look good but some don’t know how to achieve that. To prove I’m telling the truth, just look at lots of women walking along the streets of your city.

Many of them wear tasteless, almost the same style clothes. I am sure the color diversity and mismatch of styles can make designers feel depressed.
In fact, they try to create nice collections for us, make up new trends and fashion tendencies but we still prefer something that is cheaper and brighter.
Of course you can say you do it because of lack of finances to purchase couture clothes, but as practice shows this factor is not determining.
If you have natural ability to choose the right clothes you are very lucky. In case you can’t don’t give up! Good taste can be trained, just follow some rules and everything will be all right.

1. The fewer the better.
Avoid buying garments which don’t go with each other well. Opt for suit combinations. When I say ‘suit’ I don’t necessarily mean classic suit version (which is a must in every woman’s wardrobe). All your outfits should be combined in a suit way.
For example, when buying jeans select an appropriate blouse, a top or a sweater to go with them. And starting from that, choose shoes, bags and other accessories.
Work on your attire in details. It is often sad to see a girl wearing shoes completely out of her all-garments style, with a ridiculous bag that is far from being right in place.
It is better to have fewer items in your wardrobe which suit each other perfectly than many garments all in different styles.

2. Quality question
No matter how hard you try cheap clothes of poor quality will never look like those which cost much. Cheap garments make you look cheap as well, and there is no difference whether you choose to wear cheap gloves or shoes – everyone will notice something is wrong about you.
Invest into several good items rather than lots of cheap ones. We are not so rich to buy cheap clothes.
Garments of high quality can’t be cheap but they do serve and feel better.

3. Economizing
Despite the all said above sometimes we just can’t resist the temptation to purchase a few cheap items. If that’s right about you follow the rule: never try to combine expensive stylish garments with their cheap counterparts.
Pricy jeans will look cheap as well if you don them with a few-dollar top. As designers say, sometimes we can choose items of various costs for one outfit.
For example, never economize on shoes, lingerie, sweaters and makeup but you can opt for a bit cheaper trousers, a bit cheaper I’d like to repeat.

4. Choose what suits you.
Fashion tells us what to wear but this doesn’t mean we should blindly go for everything designers offer us. For example, low waist jeans which are in style at the moment don’t look good on women with shorter legs.
You should always think about your own appearance.
If something looks great on you wear it, but if you feel it isn’t yours, leave it. Every season we see plenty of styles and designs on the catwalks, and this allows us to find lots of things to look perfect on us.

5. Colors
The first thing a person’s eye perceives is a color, especially if it is wrong.
Ultra-lemon jacket and bright orange trousers combination will make everyone around you turn their heads back but this wouldn’t be a look of appreciation, it would be a look of surprise.
That is why it is of high importance to choose colors correctly. Most people who wish to look more or less elegant prefer wearing black and grey clothes, sometimes adding fresh fashionable color.
But this method has some drawbacks. Dark tones will make you just a part of a crowd hardly distinguishable from others, and the fresh color may be not good for you.
If the modern color doesn’t look well on you just put up with this fact and opt for some accessories in this tint while all the other clothes should be in another hue, more suitable for you.
Today we will continue speaking about rules determining good taste. I hope the information will help you understand what will look great and what will be a bad choice.

6. Lingerie
Lingerie is something that makes a woman feel like a woman. Some ladies think that if it is not seen under the clothes they can wear just anything. If you wear something old and unattractive this is seen through your actions.
But if you wear lacy lingerie and stokings even a business suit will look in a special way, a sexy way.
Throw away all your old lingerie and buy a few new sets. Besides, purchase a couple of expensive sets ‘for special occasions’.

7. Shoes
There is hardly a woman who doesn’t love shoes. Shoes are a symbol of comfort and beauty. They work as a final element in the attire. They help to hide our imperfections, such as make us look taller, our legs longer. Whatever the goal you use shoes for you should pay attention to their quality.
Good shoes serve longer, look better and don’t hurt your feet. Isn’t that enough to understand it is better to purchase shoes in good shoe stores?

8. Perfume
Perfume is a must for every woman. All of us are divided into two categories: those who prefer to use one and the same perfume all their life and those who tend to experiment and change fragrances very often.
The only rule you should follow here is to avoid cheap fake perfume as it will never smell the way you wish.
Every woman should treat herself with at least one bottle of nice perfume. All you need is to choose the right one. The aroma should go in harmony with you and your soul.

9. Right occasion
Your clothes are important but the occasion and place you want to wear them to are also essential. Lack of correspondence of attire and the occasion looks terrifying. Chinchilla fur coat will look ridiculous in a subway. So, make sure you know what you need to wear to an exhibition, lunch at a local café or New Year celebration.

10. Search for harmony
Only a woman can notice each separate detail of your outfit. Men perceive us as a whole on the basis of liking and disliking.
You can wear designer creations from top to toe but he might not even notice you. But he will notice a woman wearing a horrible polka dot dress because she looks in harmony with her polka dots while you don’t.
Famous labels are not important. The main thing is that the suit fits you ideally. Clothes should go in harmony with your mood, temperament, season, daytime, social status, etc. Only in this case they will make you look more beautiful, desirable and unique.


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Kiru Taye said...

Great post, Zee. I'm definitely a lingerie lady. I love good quality lingerie. The make me feel fabulous. :)

Zee Monodee said...

Lol Kiru! Shoe-holic here. Nothing quite beats the thrill of a new pair of shoes for me (and the sales people at Aldo are thanking me for this addiction, lol) :)