Friday, October 07, 2011

Progress Friday

Hey peeps!

It's Friday and everyone in my household is going TGIF! Except that the boys are so excited they're using the walls to bounce off as if the house was one of those inflatable jumping castles, and they just won't shut up! I left them in the kitchen, bribed with cookies and chocolate milk, because the only time they're not talking/jumping around is when they're eating. So I might have 10 minutes tops to get this post done and uploaded. *sigh*

So, progress... Where do we start? I wrote a chapter this week that just went on and on and didn't seem to want to stop. :) The word total for this past 5 days is just a little under 9K! Woot - finally getting closer to my ideal writing goal.

But now my brain is fried, and I have to regroup and recover to be able to write the next chapter, all while I have to set my mind to "perk" mode so I can figure out the next sequence of scenes and all that's supposed to take place now.

So the first draft of Before The Morning sits in at just under 56K this Friday, ending the week at 80% completion! WOOT! I'm getting there!

Life-wise, I celebrate some progress today! Remember a while back I was complaining about my medication making me put on weight (and so I had to exercise daily and go on a diet, etc). Well, a little more than one week into the new customised eating plan a nutritionist has devised for me, I've lost close to 3 pounds and have just another 4 or so to lose. Whoo-hoo - go me! Lol.

And speaking of progress, I wonder what my bestie, author Angela Guillaume, has been up to this week. Drive by her blog if you get a chance.

And too, if we're friends on Facebook, drop by my profile later today for the Friday Tide-us-into-the-weekend hottie pic. :)

What have you all got planned this weekend? I'll be sitting down with some good reads - Lori Foster's When You Dare (that I'm about halfway through) and Susan Mallery's Only His (that I've been dying to read ever since I finished Only Yours last month *grin*). Plus I also have a beta read for a CP.

Have a lovely weekend, wherever you are in the world!

From Mauritius with love,



Unknown said...

Chocolate milk and cookies! Yep! That's what will keep them occupied long enough to speed type your blog, lol.

I'm so proud of you for both milestones reached this week - both the diet and the writing. It's always an effort, but achieving something is also a fantastic boost. Well done, sis! xoxoxo

Zee Monodee said...

Thanks sis! And lol, the 'peace' lasted all of 8 minutes... *sigh*