Friday, November 25, 2011

Progress Friday

Hey peeps

It's been a quiet, pretty uneventful week over here. Took some time off to spend with the kids and also with my parents. They live less than 5 miles from my place, and I go there at least once weekly to drop the kiddo off and pick him up. But the last time I actually went to their house to spend a day/half-a-day, can't remember! Must've been back in August, during the winter school break. Just no time (I know I sound like an ungrateful kid!) to go there so often for the whole day. I do talk to my mum on the phone every morning, and every Sunday when I go pick up my son, I'll sit down for a cuppa with my parents and catch up a bit. But lunch and then the afternoon? Yikes. I've tried bringing my laptop with me, but it just breaks my heart to sit there and try to work when it's obvious Mum & Dad want to chat with me about everything and nothing. Plus there's no Internet there. :)

So twice this week, I went to my parents'. After the blow of my mum losing her brother on Sunday, I thought they could do with a little of our presence at their home, and I also didn't send the kid over to stay overnight.

Which left me with kids on hand 24/7 since last Friday, and that's kinda driven me nuts as well. Thank goodness for the Playstation, which is hooked in their bedroom at the back of the house, while my 'office' is at the front. I still hear them playing and bickering but at least now, the noise is not literally next to me.

Through it all, I got the gorgeous cover for Calling Home, which comes out in 1.5 weeks, on December 5! Check it out right here in the slideshow on the right. The uber-talented Fiona Jayde did a fabulous job on this cover. :)

I was waiting for this to hit my inbox to be able to start my promo. Also put the image to good use when I devised and made the book trailer over the past 2 days. The finished trailer is 'perking' now - I'll go back to it with fresh eyes in a couple of days, then if no changes are needed, will upload to YouTube and share with you guys. So excited, cannot wait to reveal it to you. Quite pleased with myself how it all turned out. :)

So now I'm looking forward to the weekend, and got 2 beta reads for my CPs on the agenda.

It's also getting hot as hell again over here, and I'm left with a splitting headache and drained of energy every single day. Did I say before that I wanted summer to come on? I take back my words, and bite my tongue too in the process. I want some cold now!

Don't forget - if we're friends on Facebook (and if we're not, yet, what are ye waiting for to send me a friend req???), drop by later today for the Tide-us-into-the-weekend hunk pic. I have a treat for sore eyes wrapped and ready to go *BIG grin*

And don't forget also to check Angela Guillaume's week wrap-up too. She'll definitely have a hunk or two up on that post.

Hope ye all have a lovely weekend! What will ye be up to?

From Mauritius with love,


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hi to all zeemonodee.blogspot.comers this is my first post and thought i would say a big hello to yous -
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