Monday, December 19, 2011

Random Thoughts' Monday: I'm in two different places today!

Hey beautiful people!

I've been MIA - I know... and I apologize. The reason - well, it's December, and though I don't exactly celebrate the holidays traditionally, well, it's also a month when my son and stepson are on holiday break. Usually, in December, they'll both have gotten their end of year exam results, and hubby will have earned his yearly bonus at work, which sees us going out a lot as a family and well, doing things as a family, esp to reward the boys for a year of studying well (hopefully! These exam report cards can be a total scary deal!). I always promise my son to work less in December, so I can spend the time with them, and this is what I've been doing.

I'm sorry I have to cut down on the blog for that to happen, but I know you people understand. I'm not just a writer - I'm a mum as well, and the years my kids are growing up, I won't get those again once they're gone. If there's one thing life has taught me, it's to enjoy the moment and leave the future for later, for when it'll come.

But, that being said, I am still here, though less prominently! Been working on some changes and updates for 2012 on the blog here - should be able to share with you all shortly! Got big things lined up for next year - I hope you'll stick around and check them out. :)

And, going back to today's post title - well, I'm actually in 2 places at the same time today! 3 if you count this blog. :) How? The magic of the Internet! I didn't realise that I was scheduled for 2 guest slots on the same day, but anyhow, the more the merrier, innit?

So, first off, I'm at author Sandra Bunino's All Things Girl blog today, writing a guest post about... the recipe for the perfect hero! Sandra's been hooked on the Gentlemen's Etiquette Link Thursday posts I've had up in November, and she asked me over. Come check it out:

"....  Welcome to All Things Girl!
This week I’m joined by the beautiful Zee Monodee! Zee brings us a delicious recipe that you are sure to love. Get this – it’s calorie FREE! How awesome is that?!?

Hello everyone!
First of all, let me say thanks to Sandra for inviting me over to All Things Girl (with a title like that, how could I ever refuse???)
So, Sandra and I started hitting Tweets back and forth about today’s topic ..." Continue reading

Then, I'm also in my every-other-month established slot at The Pop Culture Divas blog! Come see how we celebrate the holiday season in my household, in Mauritius! The post starts as such:

"... Hey beautiful people!
I'll admit that when the topic came out for this month's posts, I was stumped - how on earth do you happen to have holiday traditions, of Christmas and all things white and snuggly... when it's 95 degrees outside and the sun is blazing, and in December, you're usually lazing like a lizard soaking up the sun on the grainy white sand of tropical beaches? Yes, can you say 'idiosyncracy'? I could! ..." Continue reading

Drop by, and leave me a little comment! I'm eager to find out what 'ingredient' you include in the recipe for your perfect hero, and I also wanna know how much I've 'shocked' you with my unconventional holiday celebrations!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, peeps! XOXO

From Mauritius with love,



Anonymous said...

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sue said...

You're amazing lol - do the kids go to school on the island - I'm really stupid about your part of the world.

I'm going to assume..... you rec'd my re sent e mail unless I hear otherwise.

If you lost my address give a quickie reply on my blog.

Have a great holiday!!

Zee Monodee said...

Lol Sue. School runs January to October here - November, December, and the first 10 days of January is what makes up our summer vacation break.

And no!!! I didn't receive your email... again!! There must be something wrong with the addy since someone else sent me something last week and it didn't come through!

Can you try zeemonodee [at] gmail [dot] com ? Crikey! I hate it when email acts up!