Friday, February 03, 2012

Progress Friday

Hey peeps

Where did this week go???? I seriously have no clue! One minute I was looking at the calendar and it was Monday; suddenly it's Friday? Already? You gotta be kidding me!

And fortunately for me, I am in a position today, despite the super-fast, extra-speedy week, to say that I've gotten some work done writing-wise.

Remember I was telling you (last week I think, it was?) that I was revamping an old ms in the hopes of possibly shopping it around later? Well, I've taken a long, good look at said ms... and come to the conclusion that it's going to take a lot of work. A full rewrite-from-scratch even, because the way it's written atm, it's 'me' but it's a sort of BMI-of-15-super-anorexic-borderline-corpse 'me' with regards to how much my writing has grown since I wrote that one. Full rewrite of a single-title novel = 2-3 months' work, at least, and that too when life isn't butting in (when ever does my life not butt into my writing?)

Also, considering I have 2 series out and there are more books planned for each... Can I really afford to give 2-3 months of vital/strategic writing time to a project that is more like a fun/hobby deal, when there are more 'important' stories to be written? Not exactly, right?

So today, with that knowledge and upon that decision, I went back to the current WIP. If you're in my social networks, you'll see I had my updates along the lines of "something old; something new; something true; and something blue" (we don 't have "something borrowed" in there because I'm talking about writing, and you don't "borrow" in writing - that's called plagiarism!).

Every word of that update pertain to me going back to Glory Days, the next book in the Destiny's Child series.
Old = tweaking the already written;
new = adding words;
true = the vision to myself and to my readers;
blue = the bittersweet undertone in this story, about former teenage lovers who have to reunite nineteen years later upon the revelation that they had a secret child who has today died and left them a baby to bring up together.

I started this story last year, around March, and the title came to me as the perfect definition of the time the hero, Stellan, and the heroine, Kelsey, spent together.
Imagine my surprise then when this year, I hear Adele's song, "Someone Like You", and those lyrics:

"...You know how the time flies,
 Only yesterday was the time of our lives,
 We were born and raised,
 In a summer haze,
 Bound by the surprise of our glory days ..."

Stellan and Kelsey meet over a fateful summer, both miles away from their homes, their romance and the surprise of their Glory Days cocooning them in a bubble... that bursts when Kelsey leaves one morning and no one knows where she went.

So I'm back on this WIP now. Should have a progress report for you next Friday (if I don't, please feel free to line up to take your turns with the wet noodle whip... *grin*)

And now I'm looking forward to the weekend with my mind working overtime on the story, while I wait for my quiet days to roll back next week and I get back to writing.

Have a lovely weekend, ye all!

From Mauritius with love,


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