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Link Thursday: 10 Ways To Feel Good Every Day

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I usually post articles that might help you with characterization and 'realism' in your writing, but today I wanna do something different, and post something for YOU! Yes, it needs to be in all caps *grin* because, let's face it - if you're not feeling good, your writing's not gonna be much good (unless you're one of those tortured authors who pounds away at the keys when in the dregs of misery!).

So here comes this article I accessed a few days ago. A lot of the tips are really easy to follow, and some can be simplified further. I'll tell you my own twists on them at the end of the post :)

Read on for effective little ways to change your day, every day! The article is from MSN Living, Inspired section, and can be viewed online in its original slideshow here


10 Ways to Feel Good Every Day

Easy tips and tricks to feel great all the time.

1. Exercise Less (But More Intensely)

Don't have a full hour to spend at the gym? Don't sweat it. "A short, high-intensity workout is easy to stick with and just as beneficial," says Lisa Wheeler of Equinox gyms. Instead of a 40-minute run, do intervals: Jog 2 minutes and sprint 1 minute, for a total of 20 minutes.

2. Go On a No-Deprivation Diet

"Food has a huge impact on your mood," says nutritionist Keri Glassman, "so when certain treats are off limits, it's like an awful, unending downer diet." Can you eat five cupcakes a day? No. But if you are craving a cookie, allow yourself one and really enjoy it.

3. Surround Yourself with Flowers

Brush up on your flower-arranging skills because there's a very compelling reason to have beautiful blooms around at all times: In a study by Nancy Etcoff of Harvard Medical School, 27 women were sent colorful stems; another group received home d├ęcor items. Within a week, Etcoff found that the flower group reported feeling more enthusiastic about their daily activities.

4. Drink Up

It's simple enough: Dehydration makes you feel lethargic, and water restores energy. Two 8-ounce glasses of water are a good antidote for morning drag.

5. Eat Algae

For a quick boost of your B's--the vitamins that help metabolize carbohydrates and give instant energy--take a swig of E3 Live ( The liquid supplement is made from fresh-frozen algae (and, no surprise here, it tastes a little like the ocean, so have a chaser at the ready).

6. Pick a Smarter Sweet

Sometimes, having a candy bar seems like the best way to make it through the day, but that sugar will make you feel better for only about 30 minutes--and then way worse. Instead, choose Sweet Riot cacao nibs (, which taste just as good but have half the calories and less sugar, so you don't crash later.

7. Take a Walk Before Lunch

Even if it's just a quick stroll around the block, here's why you should head outdoors: "Around 1 P.M. there's a natural lull in your circadian rhythm that signals the body to release melatonin, which makes you drowsy," says sleep expert Michael Breus. "You can prevent that dip by exposing your body to 10 minutes of sunlight at noon."

8. Eat the Same Breakfast Every Morning

When you know exactly what you are going to eat, you are less likely to skip a meal--or make a bad decision. (And, no, a cup of coffee won't cut it.) Start your day with protein-packed hard-boiled eggs or a yogurt parfait with fresh fruit and sesame seeds, which are loaded with iron and calcium.

9. Talk to Strangers

And, of course, say something nice. Tell the woman on the train that you like her shoes. The compliment will make her smile. "She's happy, you're happy," says Blissology founder Eoin Finn. "It creates a mini endorphin explosion."

10. Pack a Happier Gym Bag

Approved by fitness guru Tracy Anderson, these cheery essentials (including a post-Pilates sweet treat!) may actually make you look forward to working up a sweat.

Donatienne Barbie bag, $475;
Visual Changes gly-sal pads, $31;
Amazon Chocolate Bliss Bar, $4;
Cooler Cleanse coconut water, $9;
Nike bra, $25;
American Apparel tank, $20;
S'well water bottle, $35;
Undrest leggings, $148;


I'm not doing No. 5, no matter how much anyone tells me that's good for me! *Big Grin*

And regarding No. 6, I've found the perfect solution to chocolate cravings with less sugar and no fat. Get a tin of Dutch cocoa powder, and just mix a little with some water or a little milk to make a paste. Add the sugar you want - there's also no need for butter/fat, so you get a treat!

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Sheri Fredricks said...

Those are some good links, Zee. Thank you for posting them. I like to get out of the house ever few hours if I'm writing. Even if it's to walk around my lawn or get the mail. A moment of sunshine really helps.

Zee Monodee said...

Glad you enjoyed the article, Sheri! Oh, lucky you, to have a lawn to walk on. I'm stuck on a third-floor flat with only concrete surrounding me :)