Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tidbit Tuesday: About Fashion...

Hey beautiful people!

My guest today has had to reschedule, so I find myself with a free slot. Haven't had a free Tuesday for a while on the blog, so not really a chance to share with you those little tidbits I liked posting here for ye all.

But today, we have one such opportunity, and this is what I wanted to share with you. I guess you know by now that when I research my characters, I also put a lot in research into their clothing and accessories (well, duh! you'll be going. That's expected to characterization, innit? You'd be surprised how many skip this step... Anyhow...). So one of my favourite ever houses is Burberry Prorsum. I absolutely love their elegant, classy look. The clothes are modern, often flirty, but there's always, always, a certain British refinement and class to them that keeps them from going over the top. Plus their finish is exquisite (believe me - I've studied textiles and dressmaking at school and that kind of effortless class and refined look is very, very hard to achieve!).

Now we all know Burberry stands for British style pretty much... which also means, British pounds... I could never afford these clothes *bwahahaha!* so I make do with the next best thing - I dress my characters in those clothes. :)

So here I found the clip of the Burberry Prorsum spring/summer 2012 womenswear collection. I watched this when it originally aired in September 2011 on FashionTV, and I was blown away.

Check it out!

From Mauritius with love,


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