Friday, September 17, 2010

Progress Friday

Sometimes taking a break is a good thing. Almost like coffee left to percolate, a break for the mind is just what the writing doctor might prescribe.

Why am I saying this? Well, I haven't added much in terms of words to my current WIP. Let me help you recall - it's a women's fiction that, to me, is screaming 'soap opera/telenovella meets Zee Network series' on paper. Complicated? You dunno the half of it!

Taken by studies, personal life, a slightly sick man who thinks he'll die from a small stomach cramp, and my own brush and nearly-lost battle against a cold bug and a stomach bug - percolating is the best thing my mind has been allowed to do.

But all good things have flip sides. Case in point - I already have my outline down for the supposed-90K of this ms. I know what is supposed to happen, and how. Guess my brain didn't get the memo that the outline was done, because over the past week, it's come up with a totally novel and un-thought-of scene that hadn't driven by when I was outlining. This one happens at Chapter 5, 2 chapters from where I stand right now, and it kinda moves Chapter 5 a bit on its axis because the original Chapter 5 has an element that is supposed to play a big part in the love story later on. Right now, I've got a disgruntled potential boyfriend and love interest needing to apologize, a stepmother who, in the heroine's mind, is hovering between wicked stepmom from fairy tales and socialite who couldn't care any less, an overwhelming stepbrother, a biatchy stepsister, a liver pate, and a sexy motorbike screaming to be squeezed into that one additional scene.

Crazy? You bet! The wackiest is that it doesn't seem that far-fetched once you 'see' the scene playing out. I've even got the dialogue down and can so see it all clock in and fit in the bigger scheme of things!

So what should I do - curse my percolating brain, or celebrate its inventiveness?

Jury's still out on whether my sanity is around or AWOL, btw...

Looking forward to a weekend that will hopefully help me make sense of it all. Got a treat in the sidelines - Mixed Doubles by Jill Mansell waiting to be devoured!

Have a nice one!

From Mauritius with love,


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