Monday, September 20, 2010

Random Thoughts' Monday: Catch Up

Sorry if you came by yesterday and saw no new post up. I'm having to back-date this one so it reads as the Monday rambles but my ISP was having a serious case of connect?-connect-not? throughout the whole day and evening, which needless to say, drove me quite nuts. As if my sanity ain't already drowning somewhere in the pile of to-dos lately.

Would you believe me if I tell you I'm so mind-preoccupied I don't even seem to have time for random thoughts? Oh yeah - I forgot, again, that I'm a uni student for the next 2 months. Bleh!

Nothing much going on except studying. Some good out of this semester's modules is that one of them subjects is quite glamourous indeed. I'm doing Retail Distribution Management (slant on Economic and Management Sciences) and the focus is how the distribution division of big stores such as Harvey Nichols and Neiman Marcus operates.
Now I always remember this was something that fascinated me when I watched The Bold and The Beautiful (the 'old' days, when Sally Spectra was still in full force on there). Allright - what man Brooke is gonna hook next before she grovels again at Ridge's feet grew quite tedious and boring after a while. But the war of the fashion world between the Forresters and Spectra? Now we're talking!

So looks as if maybe watching B&B might come in handy during this module's studying. Who knew, eh, that a soapie would help your studies?

Not really expecting to get any writing done, sadly. Yes, my focus is passing my exams next month - I figure the writing brain (the one whose cells and neurons won't have fried up) will still be here along the way and after November 5.

From Mauritius with love,


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