Friday, February 18, 2011

Progress Friday

Last Friday, I mentioned that my new journey would be starting soon. Well, guess I still don't know myself well enough (as opposed to my husband who seems to know my psyche much better than me, after, uh, 9 years together...). Guess what? The journey is starting soon... as soon as, 2 days ago!

I held up for a grand total of *drum roll!*... 4 days. So much for R&R. That's a good thing, you say? Yes, it is, except that a part of my brain is still wiped from that previous writing marathon and my hands still hurt. I'm a calcium supplement regimen every single day yet my fingers still cramp up on the keyboard. Now add to it a brain that just won't stop zinging my consciousness with story ideas, story tidbits, story insights -- Argghh! I'm going crazy here!

So here I am, just got off a writing wagon, jumping on another almost right away. I'm trying to keep myself in check though. I'd said I'd start to write again in March - I'm gonna try to make that. Well, the actual penning of words. Don't think I can keep still for that long, so in the coming week I'll be doing nit-picky, nitty-gritty research, rounding off the characters, outlining the events/episodes, planning the chapters as per the story arc - all that lovely work that enables me to simply sit down and write when then time comes for it.

I've been gobling up information between yesterday and today, hitting notes back and forth with the crit sisters who accompany me on every brainstorming sessions (hello ladies, you know who you are!! Imagine me doing a Kitty Galore 'heya' here! Lol). It's a wonder my brain isn't exploding.

But you know what? This feels good, this totally-overwhelmed-by-prospects mindset. :) I'll bask in it, thank you.

Weekend next up. The blokes here have already planned tomorrow to be table tennis day. I'm not joining in there coz sports and me makes three. :)

What have you got planned? Happy weekend anyhow!

From Mauritius with love,



Erin Kern said...

I wish you could zap some of your writing mojo over to me. i'm stuck in non-progress land =(

Chicki Brown said...

You've been a busy little bee! I hope you can chill out a bit while they play table tennis.

Tomorrow morning we're renting a car for the weekend, going to an outdoor flea market to do a little shopping and out later to my favorite restaurant for a belated Valentine's Dinner.

Zee Monodee said...

Lol Erin! I'll scoot over on the writing bench, come sit by my side. :)

Nah, it's not no-progress land. You just need a break probably.


Zee Monodee said...

Lol Chicki. Yup, I just can't seem to slow down. Dunno, guess I wanna make every minute count.

I plan to sit down and gobble some Gossip Girl while the boys are downstairs. I just came into the season DVDs.

Enjoy your day out - belated Valentine Day's dinner! Wow, lucky girl, you! :)


Sandy said...

Hey, Zee, I can't wait until you get back to writing again. It's been way too long.


Zee Monodee said...

Hey Sandy

Long time no hear, lady! How are you doing?

Yes, it feels good to be writing again. Never realized before how much writing is a part of me.