Sunday, June 30, 2013

From #Free #Eternelles Prequel: ADRASTEIA - Adri's origins #snippetsunday

Hey peeps!

Finally having some sun shine down on us. Cold, yup, but at least when it's bright, you are able to power on and forget the dreary temps.

So, back to books... I am having so much fun sharing excerpts from our free prequel with you. when Natalie and I wrote them (Adrasteia & Seraphine), our goal was to offer our readers a little glimpse into the past, into how everything came to be what it is for our two main protagonists.

Today, I tell you more about Adri's origins. You know she descends from a maenad and can thus manipulate people, in crowds. Here's some more about how she came into being (Last week's excerpt here).

Adri winced. Her mother had been a maenad, a human woman who had become a follower of the Greek god of wine and revelry, Dionysos, and who had achieved power over crowds as a result. Usually barren to the god’s seed, this maenad had miraculously borne him a child; a baby daughter he’d wanted sacrificed on the altar of his greatness mere minutes after her birth. Had the mighty Zeus not stepped in to save her, she would have died that day.
Or would she? Because in her nearly three millennia of existence, nothing had managed to kill her. Fine—she hadn’t tested the guillotine, but maybe that, too, wouldn’t have worked on her.
She’d never known her mother, had never even found out her name, and her biological father had only sought her out once in all these years, and that, too, to taunt her about possessing as vile a heart as his. She shivered as she remembered his words.
“You’re cold,” Ares said.

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Happy Sunday, ye all!

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

#MySexySaturday: When they meet again - The Other Side, IslandGirls Bk1 (Decadent Publishing, July 2013)

Hey beautiful people!

I missed the meme for a few weeks, but so happy to be back today. It's awesome to see the list of participants has grown - Lynn Crain can be proud of herself *wink*

Anyhow, back to the story I'd been featuring on here. Again, let me point out my brand of sexy is more atmospheric and sensual than true body action - so if you're looking for that, sorry... You will however find this at many of the other blogs on the list (link following at the bottom of this post - do check them out!).

So my heroine, Lara, loved Eric when they were teens. 12 years later, with an awful breakup in between & a shattered arranged marriage on Lara's side, they meet again.

The scene I am highlighting follows where their paths cross again. Catch the earlier postings here...
And we follow right from where we left off!

Lara took a deep breath and gathered her courage. She would have to face him sooner or later. A part of her had always known she ran the risk of coming across him on the island. She’d preferred to hide from such probability, but she couldn’t run anymore.

So she lifted her head. A frown marred the wide forehead on the face she encountered. As devastatingly handsome as ever. Or maybe, even more than ever. His features were arresting, masculine, adult. No longer those of a teenager.

Her mouth went dry again, and her heart beat faster when the straight line of his lips broke into a large smile a few seconds later. His eyes lit up as well, and widened.

“I’ll be damned! Lara? Is it really you?” he asked, switching effortlessly to English.

She forced her lips into a smile and took a deep breath. “Hello, Eric. How are you?”

She couldn’t have sounded more like a cold, distant bitch if she’d tried.

He stared at her for long seconds. Would he brush her off, get up, and leave her stranded again? He’d be well within his rights to do so, after her stilted greeting.


The other participants (and there's quite a list to choose from - or visit all! Best of everything, lol) can be found at this week's official list for the MySexySaturday meme. Among them, my faves are Lynn Crain, Krista Ames, Stacy Juba, Sam Cheever, Layna Pimentel, TMonique Stevens, MaryJ. McCoy-Dressen, Taryn Kincaid, Melissa Keir, Jennag Scott, & Louisa Bacio.

Hope ye're all having a lovely Saturday. For once, the sun is shining here in our blustery winter.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

#SummerBookCrush - A Book Boyfriend for Everyone: Get Rafe & Des from #Eternelles at 99c only!

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I'm new to the indie world, and this is my first big promo splash. so please bear with me. :)

But listen to this - there's this Summer Book Crush event where authors have gathered together to offer 50+ books at 99c each on Amazon. I dunno about you, but I looooove a good book deal, so I am definitely checking this one out.

Did I mention INESCAPABLE, Book1 of the our Eternelles PNR/UF series, is featured in this event? So you can grab the book at 99c here!

So what's this whole deal about? Read on!

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SUMMER BOOK CRUSH offers 50+ titles in many genres. This means 50+ chances to (fictitiously) fall in love. And the best part? Each of these gems is only 99¢, but for a limited time only. The SUMMER BOOK CRUSH event starts on June 26th and ends (yes, even the best things in life end at some point) on June 28th.

So don't wait up! Mingle with our BOOK BOYFRIENDS and invite all your friends to participate too. There are plenty of BOOK BOYS to share!

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Find your summer’s fling between the pages of a book. And don't stop on one - after all we have many BOOK BOYFRIENDS for you to mingle with.
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From #Free #Eternelles Prequel ADRASTEIA: Adri's darker side...

Hey beautiful people!

Still frightfully cold here. Guess what? We're under the influence of an anticyclone (meaning biting winds, lots of humidity, no sun, lots of rain) and this cold front built up from...Antarctica! Whoo-hoo...NOT! Blastedly cold right now here - heaters working overtime and not cutting down on the bite any. *sigh* So this means no better time to hunker down with fatty comfort food, hot chocolate or chai, and a good book or movie from under a heavy quilt or afghan. Hello, life of decadence...while you're hunkering down with cold!

Anyhow, it's Sunday, and it's time for a snippet. Good news - ADRASTEIA, my prequel for the PNR/UF series Eternelles co-written with my bestie Natalie G. Owens, went free on all platforms last Sunday. Yep, it is now available for free on Amazon! Still no luck on the UK link, but we're working on it. Thank you to everyone who reported for the price matching! You've been amazing!

Last week, I showed you Ares, Adri's foster brother and the Greek god of War. The sibling duo got into a 'serious' talk, and today's snippet follows from where we left off. Adri's thoughts veer back to her life so far, as well as the reality of her origins. Not too pleasant memories for her...because they bring forth the darker side of her psyche that she has indulged in so far.

Here's a glimpse for you:

He frowned as he reached for her hand. “More of what?”
“Life. This. Everything.”
She wasn’t making much sense. How could she have gotten so overwrought all of a sudden? She had lived for nearly twenty-eight centuries on this earth, notwithstanding her first hundred years spent on Mount Olympus in the home of her foster father, Zeus. Living—thriving more than surviving—had always been a piece of cake. Adri didn’t kid herself; she wasn’t a saint. She loved manipulation, plots, secrets, affecting potential outcomes. Yes, she loved to play, and with people, at that. She didn’t run away from her maenad side, embracing it instead. Maenads held mystic power over crowds, able to bend the will of groups and mobs alike whenever it suited them.
She closed her eyes. The reality she refused to face most of the time, the one of her origins, slammed straight into her consciousness, and the energy to brace for the shock couldn’t be summoned. No way out of facing her truth.


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Hope ye all are having a warmer Sunday than us here.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Link Thursday: Raising A Girl - 16 Things You Wish You'd Known

Hey peeps!

Sorry for yesterday - Blogger would not let me in! I had this post lined up about letting your readers down; guess I'll have to post it another Wednesday now.
And if it's not one thing, it's the other. Today, Twitter won't let me in, giving me it's huge whale picture instead. Growing tired of seeing that one!

Anyhow, it's Thursday, so it's time for me to post a linked article about something that's caught my attention lately.

I was browsing and came across this one. I don't have daughters (just son & stepson) and I don't think I'll ever have another kid, let alone a girl. So this one doesn't strike personally with me...but it does where my writing is concerned.

You see, I write about love, life, and relationships...and family, motherhood, can/will be at the heart of my plots. My latest contracted book, Bad Luck With Besties, finds the hero being the single father of a 14-yr-old daughter. The kicker? He is 31. Yep, he was 17 when she was born. Enter the heroine who, to be with him, will automatically step in as 'mum' to this teen, too.

Got me thinking - how much do we really know about bringing up daughters, especially those of us who don't have girls? How different is it from having little boys in your household?

This article answers those questions. Written by Jenna McCarthy and posted online on June 3, 2013 at the site, you can find the entire article in its original slideshow here.


Wish We'd Known: 16 Things No One Told Us About Raising a Girl

Even if you always dreamed about having a daughter, the experience can be completely different from what you expected. Here's what we wish we'd known about raising a girl

Jenna McCarthy on Jun 3, 2013 at 10:41PM

When you found out you were having a girl, you might have pictured spa pedicures and fancy tea parties and matching mommy-and-me dresses. Since you're a girl yourself, you probably figured you'd have the daughter deal all dialed in. But the truth is, your little lass will have a few surprises up her tiny sleeve. From relentless chatting to the urge to hoard to the nearly universal obsession with all things pink, daughters are a breed unto themselves. Here, a sneak peek into your future.

You'll Buy Her Stuff She Doesn't Need
Feathered hair bands, polka dotted tights, tiny pillbox purses, socks that look like ballet shoes: It won't be long before your tiny toddler has a more extensive accessory collection than you do. That's because when you buy it for yourself it's a splurge; when you purchase it for her, it's a need. (Well, sort of.) When something is impossibly darling and on sale, you may need help restraining yourself from buying her two or three. We've never heard any of our boy-mom-friends confessing they couldn't resist buying another dump truck tee.

She May Be Way Girlier Than You Are
Even if you've done your best to create a gender-neutral play space stocked with trucks, trains and all sorts of "boy" toys, don't be surprised if she develops a passion for princesses and Barbies and pretty pink ballerina gear out of the ether. No matter how hard you try to fight the stereotype, the combination of hard-wiring and clever marketing may just trump your efforts.

Her Desire to Borrow Your Heels, Jewels, Handbags and More Will Start as Soon as She Can Walk And Talk (And Grow From There)
"Going to Costco to get some coffee!" she'll announce, clogging along in your New Year's Eve heels (that, for the record, you rarely wear to Costco). In the toddler years this is silly dress-up at its best, so enjoy it. Soon enough she'll be wanting to borrow these things for real. Be prepared for battle.

You Might Be a Little Jealous of Daddy's Girl
Even if you're not particularly the type, it's hard not to feel tiny pangs of envy when you realize you're not the only female in your husband's life anymore. Oh, you’ll treasure their deep connection and delight in their daddy-daughter games and secrets, but sometimes you won’t love being on the outside of that circle.  And the first time she runs to him -- and not you -- when she's sad or hurt, it will be downright crushing. Just remember, that tiny little heart of hers has plenty of love to go around. You'll have your own unique time and activities with her, too (that will be deeply mysterious and possibly envy-provoking to dad).

Everything Starts Early
Sure, all kids are different, but girls seem to hit the major developmental milestones before similarly aged boys. Your daughter may be off and running while your friend's son is still struggling to master the crawl, or speaking in complete sentences while her boy-buddies are barely barking out coherent words. Rolling over, sitting up, blowing kisses, clapping hands, potty training, reading: Don't be surprised if she masters all of these and more before the boys her age. But try not to gloat too much; it almost always evens out in the end.

She'll Strike a Sexy Pose
She might be dancing or putting on a show, or simply just showing off her new Dora swimsuit when it happens: With her hip thrust out and her head thrown back, you'll do a cartoonish double-take when you realize she looks like a miniature way-too-sexy Victoria's Secret model. You've worked overtime to shield her from celebrity-studded magazines and teenager-y TV, too, so you'll be triply mystified as to where she learned this move. Your heart will break and you'll jump all over her about never doing that again. Ever.

Girl Drama Makes 'The Help' Seem Playful in Comparison
Before you have a daughter, it's nearly impossible to believe that any human being could get themselves thoroughly worked up over something as seemingly benign as, say, the part in their hair or the official words to "This Old Man." Oh, but they can. The vegetables touched the pasta. She can't find her other flip-flop. But she really really super-wants it!!! Eventually she'll chill out. In the meantime, lots of deep breaths.

You'll Relish the Excuse to Read 'Black Beauty,' 'Nancy Drew' and Judy Blume Again
The minute you crack the spine of one of your childhood favorites, you'll be transported directly back to that magical time. Still, you'll pick up details and nuances you either missed the first time around or forgot about entirely.

You'll Hear Her Scolding Her Baby Dolls or Stuffed Animals and Cringe Because She Sounds Exactly Like You
"Do not speak to me in that tone of voice," she’ll insist to Pink Bunny. (Brown Bear, Fuzzy Lamby and Supersoft Giraffe will get the same treatment.) She'll administer stern warnings and lengthy time-outs and you'll laugh (and cringe) as you watch her relish the pint-size power play.

It'll Break Your Heart When Her Chunky Baby Thighs Turn Into Long, Lean Kid Legs
The change is so gradual that you may not even notice it happening. But one day you'll grab onto one of those gams, all ready to pretend-sink your teeth into its meaty flesh, and you'll realize the rolls are gone. Vanished! In their place will be taut, strong limbs that look like they belong on a colt. While you'll pine for the thigh-nibbling days of your past, you'll appreciate her newfound ability to keep up with you when you walk.

She'll Likely Go Through an "I'm Only Wearing Dresses" Phase
Somewhere around the age of three, she'll develop definitive ideas about what she wants to wear that may or may not be in alignment with what's clean, the weather, standards of decency or what happens to be in style at the particular moment. Just when you've rid her wardrobe choices of anything that doesn't have a skirt, her preference may just change to some other curious thing (an inside-out tank top, leopard print rain boots, a bikini top over a turtleneck) for the next stretch. The sooner you realize it really doesn't matter, the happier you both will be.

She'll Hoard... Everything
Pinecones, rubber bands, hair thingies, erasers, flower petals, bottle caps, sea glass, stray buttons, dead bugs: If she can stuff it in a baggie, she'll never tire of collecting it. It's an evolutionary nod to her gatherer-girl roots and she honestly can't help it (much the way her brother likely won't stop slaying imaginary beasts). In other words, be prepared to find these stashes all over your house for the rest of ever. (Hopefully you'll locate the baby-carrot baggie before it putrefies into liquid blue mold.)

You'll Fight Over Her Hair Constantly
It's in her eyes. It needs a trim. You like it up, she likes it down. Yes, she has to wash it. No, she's not going out of the house with that rat's nest on her head. Fine, you'll curl/straighten it just this once. No, she can't do it herself. The hair wars will last as long as you let them (translation: until you realize that it's just hair and decide to surrender). The good news: Eventually she's likely to see the light and realize that clean and combed really is the better look.

She'll Be the Beauty Standard by Which You Judge all of Her Peers
You wouldn't admit it out loud for a lifetime supply of free Spanx, but you'll secretly think she's the most beautiful creature ever to be born. You might even feel bad for her playmates, whose pretty little faces still can't hold a candle to hers. It's normal and healthy to feel this way, but be sure you tell her how smart and kind she is, too -- lest her dazzling head swell to unfortunate proportions.

She May Be a Born Manipulator
Moms with kids of both genders insist that it's their darling daughters who seem to know how to get what they want with a mere look. Do we see right through it? Absolutely. Does it work? Although we don't like admitting it... sometimes it does. (Dads in particular confess they are powerless to resist "the look.") She may have even picked up the move from you (ahem), but the fact that she is already aware of her feminine power can be downright disarming.

You'll Feel a Little Bad for Moms of (All) Boys
When you get together with your mommy friends, you'll wonder if the boy-moms are secretly jealous that you have a girl. (Your close friends might even admit as much to you.) After all, you get to shop for dainty nursery decor and darling dresses and go for manicures together while they're stuck digging for worms and discussing back hoes. Alas, the tables may turn when you find yourself butting heads with a hormonal teenage daughter and your friend is chilling with an even-keel mini-man, so enjoy your day in the sun while it lasts.


From Mauritius with love,


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kitchen Klutz' Recipes: Chicken Fajita Salad

Sorry, my camera doesn't have great resolution
But this is what the salad looks like :)
Hey beautiful people!

For a long time, I didn't know how to cook. Yes, I could whip up something so the blokes wouldn't starve, but I didn't know how to go about cooking and making dishes, etc. That's how I used to term myself an undomestic goddess, especially in the kitchen.

Then something happened. I found not cookbooks, but books about cooking. The basics that teach you how to approach the science of cooking. It all went crescendo when I decided to write the story of a chef (Transient Hearts, my upcoming Western Escape multicultural romance from Decadent Publishing.) I never go into a story without doing extensive research first, and to portray a chef, I had to learn how to cook.

Little by little, as I discovered techniques and put them into practice, I came to find that I didn't loathe cooking....once I knew how to do it and what I was doing wrong. As unbelievable as it sounds, I started enjoying the point where it is now one of the things that relaxes me. I always need to have my radio or MP3 player blaring in the kitchen when I'm in there, but that's a detail.

Even more unbelievable is how I've started to twist recipes and make them my own! The cuisine you'll find in my home is rather unique, and totally me. According to the guys, too (hubby & the hyenas, 14 and 10, who each can eat a horse for a meal), I'm actually quite a good cook now.

But somehow, I'm still a Kitchen Klutz, hence the name of these posts. I'm getting better, but I'm still learning.

So I'll start featuring some recipes I've come up with, hoping you'll take a chance on them. I'd love any feedback if anyone decides to try something I made. *grin*

The first one to go up is a Chicken Fajita Salad. I made this last week, and loved it! There were no leftovers, if that says anything. :)

Here we go!

Chicken Fajitas Salad (my version!)
Before anyone berates me for this not being the traditional/typical fajitas recipe, let me tell you that we don’t have Mexican restaurants here, let alone Mexicans who could’ve shown me what their ‘real’ food looks like. I’ve glimpsed at recipes online, and devised my own along the way.
Fajitas, as far as I gathered, refer to strips of meat cooked/grilled with spices. So I’m going with this definition to describe my recipe.
Our whole family recently made the move towards a Paleo-type diet. With kids in the house, it’s not always easy to keep meals 100% Paleo, and I don’t know how this type of eating can affect growing children – all the books, etc, cater towards an adult’s diet. So though my hyenas get more veggies/salads and less starchy carbs than before, they do get some starchy carbs like tortillas, bread, or rice, in smaller portions, with their meals.
So some of my meals might not look Paleo-friendly at first glance, but I’ll provide ways for how to make them Paleo-friendly, how me and the hubby eat.
On to the recipe. I don’t use specific measurements, so everything will be rather approximate. Also, have fun with your spices – I always sprinkle mine in liberally.
Chicken – I usually use approx.  1 Pound; Cut into long strips
Onions – the more, the better! About 3-4 large red or yellow onions, shredded as finely as possible (a Mandolin grater is perfect here. Beware your fingers, though. I usually use mine with a pair of thick cleaning gloves)
Bell peppers – preferably yellow. Red also works, but green is too sharp; 2 work well, cut into thin strips (julienned)
Fajita/taco seasoning – as much as you want!
Or (we don’t get taco seasoning easily here, so I make my own spices)
Cumin & coriander seeds – roast on a dry pan, then grind in a mortar & pestle somewhat coarse (nothing quite like roasted spices fresh ground! The scent is divine! And if you’ve ground too much, the mix keeps well in an airtight container)
Paprika and/or cayenne pepper – again, as much as you want or are able to tolerate
Garlic (if you’re into garlic. I don’t eat it so there’s none in my recipes)
Lemon juice – from 1 large lemon works
Salt – to taste
Coriander leaves – about a few sprigs (yep, you can also use the stalks)
Olive Oil – for cooking
Sour cream or Greek Yoghurt – (thick, regular yoghurt will also do. Also lo-fat if you're fat conscious); about 1-2 dollops
For Salad:
1 large Romaine lettuce - shredded
1 English cucumber – sliced thinly
Cherry Tomatoes – as many as you want, halved or quartered
Vinegar, Olive Oil, Salt, Sugar
Marinate chicken strips with half of the lemon juice, a bit of ground cumin & coriander seed mix or taco/fajita seasoning, and salt. Leave to soak up these spices for at least 30 mins.
Heat a little olive oil in a non-stick pan. Don’t use extra-virgin coz that doesn’t tolerate heat well. I use olive pomace oil or mild olive oil.
Add the shredded onions. Cook until it has shrunk and all the water has evaporated.
Now here’s my secret tip – I love how caramelized onions make everything taste better. When all the water has dried up from the onions, I add a pinch of sugar and stir. This makes the onions caramelize faster. When it starts to ‘stick’ to the pan, then add in 1-2 Tablespoons of water or lemon juice and stir.
Add the marinated chicken to the onions and cook until chicken is white throughout.
Toss in the sour cream/Greek yoghurt to moisten the cooking mixture and provide some ‘sauce’.
Throw in all your spices (taco/fajita or ground cumin+coriander mix, as well as the cayenne pepper and/or paprika with the remaining lemon juice)
Add the sliced bell peppers and cook only until the peppers start to shrink a bit.
That’s it – you’re done!
For the salad:
Toss shredded lettuce, chopped cherry tomatoes, and sliced English cucumber with a pinch of salt, a pinch of sugar, 2 Tbps of white vinegar, and 1 Tablespoon of olive oil (here, you can use extra virgin).
Mix the cooked chicken from above into the salad.
Eat warm, or chilled (works great for summer!)
Paleo-friendly tip – omit the sugar from the recipes, as well as the sour cream/Greek yoghurt, and you’re all set. There’s enough carbs (the non-starchy kind promoted by Paleo) in lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and cucumber to not need tortillas or another ‘regular’ carb with this one. And trust me, it is definitely filling!
You can also eat this the ‘regular’ Fajita way with tortillas and guacamole. Just don’t mix the salad and let everyone top their chicken-filled tortillas with their choice of veggies.
Easy, even for me, the former kitchen disaster – enjoy!

From Mauritius with love,


Sunday, June 16, 2013

From #FREE #Eternelles prequel ADRASTEIA: Meet Ares, Greek god of War #snippetsunday

Hey beautiful people!

How's your Sunday going? It's a beautiful, clear and sunny day with one of the bluest skies you'd ever get to see in the whole world! I swear, there's nothing quite like a tropical, African clear sky in winter. Still, winter is here so it is still awfully cold. The sun that doesn't warm a whit helps barely. You have to be ensconced in jumpers, wool jackets, and thick socks all the time.

Anyhow, it's Sunday and it's time for snippets. I'm back with my free prequel from the Eternelles series co-written with my bestie, Natalie G. Owens.

Remember? My character (I wrote her POV in the story) is Adrasteia, aka Adri. She was born to Greek god of wine and revelry, Dionysos, and a human maenad, and has spent the first 100 years of her life on Mt Olympus, where she met the god of War, Ares. Adri broke through his armour, though (as can be viewed from last week's snippet) and today, he is the closest friend she has, not to mention like a brother to her.

The year in this prequel is 1887, and Adri is still living her carefree life of immortality on Earth. But 2,700 years of such an existence are getting tedious...

Many of you have expressed an interest in Ares, so here he is today in more detail! This snippet follows from last week.

He came to stand next to the gig, and she squinted as she tried to make out his features in the darkened exterior. The only burning torch flamed too far to shed proper light around them. His long dark hair, slightly too shaggy to be considered fashionable, brushed his collar. Everything from his wool coat, velvet evening jacket, dark silk waistcoat, and pristine white shirt with the necessary white bow tie screamed of money and Old World splendor. The taut body brought danger and adventure to mind, and the rugged face made one too many women swoon. Tonight, she’d been glad to have him on her arm to attend this ball at the residence of the most loathed society matron in the region. She had wanted to rock the boat, as usual, but somehow, the thrill of creating a stir in society brought none of its usual pleasurable release.
In fact, she hovered strangely empty. A hollow shell....
“Hey.” Ares drew closer and lowered his voice. “What’s going on inside that pretty head?”
She shrugged. A thought crossed her mind, and she opened her mouth to voice it aloud.
“You’ve never wanted more?”


Don't forget you can grab your Free prequels from the following places (Adrasteia is still not free on Amazon - please help me price match this with the B&N price to bring it to Zero).

Smashwords ~ Kobo ~ iBookstore ~ Amazon US & UK (Not free yet; please report for price matching) ~ Barnes & Noble

Seraphine, Natalie's prequel, is FREE on all the above platforms! Look for it, too. :)

And you can check snippets from other amazing authors on the official Snippet Sunday group on Facebook. Among them are Linda, Joanne Stewart, Lorraine Paton, Sarah Wesson, Anastasia Vitsky, Denise Moncrief, Siobhan Muir, & Sharon Buchbinder.

Hope ye're all enjoying a lovely Sunday, peeps!

From Mauritius with love,


Saturday, June 15, 2013

#Harlequin More Than Words Awards: Nominations Open!


Each year, the Harlequin More Than Words award is given to three women who have worked hard to change people’s lives for the better. Inspired by their accomplishments, Harlequin donates $15,000 to each winner's charity of choice and then pairs each winner with a bestselling Harlequin author who turns her story into a novella that's released to the public as a free e-book.

Nominations for the 2014 awards have just opened and will be open until August 9th. To nominate someone you know who is making a difference in the world, or to nominate yourself, you need to submit a few sentences on the nominee, the charity she's involved in, what inspires her and how she's inspiring others. The nomination form is available here:

After the nominations are closed in August, the entrants are narrowed down to 5 finalists and the public votes for 3 winners (in November). Then, winners are announced in December, and honored through the $15,000 donation, the novella written about them and feature coverage on Harlequin's site! ( It's a great program to honor all of the women who spend their time and energy doing things for others and might not be getting the recognition they deserve!

As a bonus, you can check out the 3 ebooks about the 2012 winners - available for free!

The books are:

- Good Neighbors by Sheila Roberts (inspired by Sally Spencer, who manages a mentoring program that rescues at-risk children)
- Just Joe by Carla Cassidy (inspired by Helen McGovern, who oversees Emergency Food Network, a food bank that serves all county residents, including those with health restrictions)
- Light This Candle by Cindy Dees (inspired by Mindy Atwood, who runs Patches of Light, a nonprofit organization where anonymous angels pay the rent for parents of desperately ill children)
Download them for free from Harlequin here

Download them for free from Amazon here (Kindle-friendly versions)

Download them for free from B&N here (Nook-friendly versions)


From Mauritius with love,


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

At the PopCultureDivas today: An Indo-Muslim wedding in Mauritius!

Hey peeps!

Little update on my dad (since a lot of you asked - thank you!) - he's been discharged from the hospital and is coming home this afternoon. His surgery was a success, and recovery looks like a walk in the park, according to his doctor. :)

Anyhow, it's my day to post at The Pop Culture Divas today. With the whole surgery upheaval, I couldn't think straight to write something. The topic being Weddings, I remembered a post I had done 2 years earlier on the same blog.

I'm inviting you to attend an Indian Muslim wedding in Mauritius. Join me? It's an eye-opening experience, the least I can say, lol!

Here's the link.

From Mauritius with love,


Monday, June 10, 2013

Rain Check!

Hey peeps!

I'm appalled to be pulling this card already, barely a week into my 'actively blogging everyday' stint. But as you know, life crops up, and we gotta go with the flow.

Just heard this morning from my mum that my dad has been called to the hospital, scheduled for surgery tomorrow (dunno yet what time yet). He's been on the waiting list for this benign operation for over a year. Everything is supposed to go well, but heck, I'm worried. My dad is not that young anymore, and he risks complications with his asthma from the general anaesthesia.

So instead of posting today, I'm gonna be with my family as much as I can, and frankly, I cannot for the life of me think of anything except this surgery tomorrow. I'll breathe again once it's over and everything's fine once more (God willing...)

Thanks for understanding. I'll be back tomorrow with regular content, but today, I need this rain check.

From Mauritius with love,


Sunday, June 09, 2013

From #Free prequels to #Eternelles series: ADRASTEIA #snippetsunday

Hey peeps!

How's your weekend going? It is bl**dy cold here. Okay, so 14C might not be a big deal for ye all who get snow and -something temps, but it's the tropics here. When it's hot, you feel the heat awfully well, and when it's cold, well, let's just say you really find that cold seep into your bones. I swear, winter temps in London weren't as ruthless as winter on the higher plains of a tropical island!

Anyhow, it's Sunday, so it's time for the snippet again! Did you know we have FREE prequels for the Eternelles series? These went live on a few platforms last week, and we have some more outlets today.

What is Eternelles about? It's a mother-daughter duo fighting supernatural crime and evil from the fictional small town of Shadow Bridge on the eastern US coast. These two women are immortal, and a prophecy embroils them in a plot to save the world against creatures that want to enslave humanity and all other sup races.
Amidst it all, there are typical generation gap conflicts between parent and child, and there are the hot and dangerous men vying for their attention and their hearts.

Inescapable, Book 1, is available on all major platforms. My co-writer, Natalie G. Owens, and I wanted to give something back to our readers, so we came up with the idea of prequels. Each of us wrote a short about how things changed for 'our' character.

Mine is Adrasteia, aka Adri. She is the daughter of a Greek god, and has lived on Earth for over two thousand years. On a night in France in 1887, everything will change for her....

I started this tale last week; you can catch up here. The next few lines follow.

He yelped as he landed on the dirty cobbles, and drew to his full height of impressive seven feet when he stood again.
Adri simply cocked an eyebrow, not impressed by his display of superior power. Ares, the Greek god of War and the formidable warrior, had nothing over her. She’d broken through his shell when she’d been barely five years old; he wouldn’t make her cower in her shoes two thousand, seven hundred and ninety-five years later.
Ai sto diaolo,” he mumbled as he returned to a more reasonable six-foot-something height and dusted the mud on his coat.

       She stifled a giggle. Go to Hell? Seriously?


You can grab the full story at the following platforms.

Smashwords ~ Kobo ~ iBookstore ~ Amazon US & UK (Not free yet; please report for price matching)

Seraphine, Natalie's prequel, is also available at all these retailers.

Don't forget to check the official Snippet Sunday list on the FB group. Among them are fab authors like Sarah Wesson, Karen Michelle Nutt, Cindy Arnheim, Siobhan Muir, Sue Ann Bowling, Linda, & Jess Schira.

I hope you'll grab your prequel copies, peeps! And let me know what you think when you get them! *grin*

Have a lovely Sunday, ye all!

From Mauritius with love,


Saturday, June 08, 2013

#MySexySaturday: Another peek from The Other Side (Coming out in July with @DecadentPub)

Hey peeps!

It's Saturday again, and I'm writing this from my phone (miracles of modern technology, eh?) while dancing the car between gym sessions, jujitsu practice, and maths tuition. Joys of being a modern parent...not!

Anyhow, writing is my sanity, and nothing gives me a boost as getting to share my work with the rest of the world.
And hallowed be this new weekend meme - wink & thanks at Lynn!

So... My Sexy Saturday is about sexy snippets in our work. But those who know me and know my writing will reckon that my type of sexy most often veers on sensual and/or atmospheric type of build up. I'm not really the push-her-against-the-wall-the-minute-the-door-is-closed kind of writer (though I have written this way in some other works). My writing is more women's fiction and/or romantic comedy so the sexy comes from little details in the mood and tone.

Ready for a little more atmosphere? I'm back in the hospital corridor from last week. My heroine, Lara, is of Indian descent, and in her teenage years, she loved white boy Eric. Things didn't go as planned between them, and Lara ended up marrying a proper Indian boy. The marriage crumbled, and she returns to Mauritius to take a one-in-a-lifetime job.

Last week, her path crossed that of Eric again. We continue from where we left off - 7 more paragraphs.

The voice made its way into her perception, and she couldn’t suppress the relief that flooded her. His voice had always had such power over her.

He still hasn’t recognised me.

She’d changed a lot in the past decade, and with her head still bent forward, her hair shielded her face. She wanted to escape. She wanted to close her eyes, and then open them to find it had all been a dream. Or a nightmare.

But this was real, and how long could she remain incognito?
Lara swallowed painfully. Of all the people from her past, fate had had to choose that precise person to shove along her path.

All of this battled inside her mind as she allowed him to lead her to a sofa. After having lowered her into her seat with extreme care and gentleness, her saviour sat down next to her, turning to face her profile. The movement triggered the air to move around him, and the smell of his aftershave—fresh, spicy, and very elusive—filled her nostrils and made its way into her foggy mind.

He still smells the same. Like a cool sea breeze wafting through the unique musk of a man’s warm skin.


Don't forget to check the other fab authors posting on the meme this week. Find them at this link. Among them are Lynn Crain & Jessica E. Subject.

Hope ye're all having a lovely Saturday!

From Mauritius with love,


Friday, June 07, 2013

Progress Friday: A New Contract!

Hey peeps!

Can you believe it's already Friday??? And lol, I spent this morning online...but ended up getting nothing done. How is that possible? True though that there is always something shiny on the Net, and it's so easy to get waylaid. That's why I prefer to have the wifi off when I'm writing or have work to do. Less temptation towards time perdition.

Anyhow... it's been ages since the last Progress Friday. I won't go into what has happened since then, coz we'd be at it for a while. Let me just say that, since the year has started, I have written half of a 60K novel with my bestie, Natalie G. Owens (Inescapable, Book1 of Eternelles), have penned a 15K short that is currently awaiting reply from the publisher, delved into tons of research for a series set in modern Yorkshire (I must've read 5+ full-length books to get into that world, not to mention the research into Yorkshire, and trying to learn the dialect there! Not for the faint of heart, that one!).
And... I also dusted the cobwebs off an old ms, re-edited it, and subbed to Decadent Publishing.

The good news? This story has been accepted for publication! *squee!* This one was previously published under one of my former pen names (Nolwynn Ardennes. Don't ask - someone convinced me I needed a European-sounding name to write about white Europeans in Europe. But look now - the very Indian-sounding Zee Monodee is gonna have this story out, and I'm not sure anyone will really blink at this idiosyncracy!).

So, the title is Storms in a Shot Glass, and it is an upbeat, almost chick-lit style, romantic comedy set in the glitz and glamour world of the London rich & famous.
The hero, Michael Rinaldi, is a billionaire and the most eligible bachelor of London after Prince Harry. A very private and intense man, suddenly he gets embroiled in an 'innocuous' plot with his father's Personal Assistant, Jane Smithers, while attempting to keep his wayward and estranged father away from his mother. But the kicker? Jane is pregnant, from a one night stand. Nothing untoward so far...until a tabloid reporter spots these two together, and finds out Jane is expecting. Faster than you can say 'squirrel', the unborn baby is being touted as the Rinaldi heir!
What are Michael and Jane to make of this new reality?

Find out when the book will be released! My guess is, this will be sometime in 2014, coz I already have releases lined up till November with Decadent. We'll see; I'll keep ye all posted!

And now for the progress update. Where am I with my projects?

Indomitable (Book2 of Eternelles, co-written with Natalie G. Owens)
- outline finished, ready to jump into writing toward June 24 (we both have full editorial plates to clear till then)

Whisk Me Up (Book1 of Havisham Park - the one set in Yorkshire)
- outline completed. Characterization sketched. Series outlined, since I'll need to sub the trilogy in one go before the end of the year. Still learning to speak Yorkshire. (ayup, luv!)

Her Name Was Trouble (Book2 of Daimsbury Chronicles)
Hmmm, you won't know of this one already... Daimsbury is a small village I invented in Surrey, England, and the series follows the lives and loves of the citizens. Book1, Bad Luck with Besties, is currently on the desk of the publisher.
- outline done, characters sketched. Waiting for go-ahead of Book1 accepted (please pray for this!) before I jump into Book2.

That's about all the projects I have on my desk so far. I'm not concentrating on the rest until I clear some of these up.

Now tell me what ye all are up to!

Looking forward to the weekend, but I won't be chilling this time. Got submissions I need to check for the Ubuntu line (African romance at Decadent Publishing, in case you didn't know) and both stories I've been eager to read since they landed in my inbox.

Happy Friday & wishing ye all and even lovelier weekend!

Oh, I nearly forgot - Romance Novels in Color posted an amazing, astounding review for my Muslim 1NightStand, Once Upon A Second Chance. Check it out!

From Mauritius with love,


Thursday, June 06, 2013

Link Thursday: 20 Britishisms Making Their Way Into American Culture

Hey beautiful people!

It's Thursday, which means... I'll be posting up a cross link from an article I read online, stuff that I believe might interest you.

Nothing about love, dating, catching/keeping Mr Right today. Instead, I'm going to my writing roots, and upping a post about... Words!

I'm from Mauritius, so even when I learned English (as my third language. I spoke/read Creole and French before that), I was exposed to British English, as Mauritius is a former colony of Her Majesty's. There was the exposure to American English through all the Hollywood movies, but I was mostly surrounded by Britishisms (especially in the later years when my life revolved and and around England).

So then I started writing and submitting to the American market. Most of the people I now dealt with had no clue what I meant when I had 'innit' in almost all my sentences, or when I was 'chuffed' or 'gobsmacked'!

But these are no longer so alien now, and these Britishisms are making it into American lingo.

Check this following list with 20 words entering the popular US English. Some might be familiar; others, not so much.

The original article is from AllWomenStalk website, and is written by Neecey Beresford. I can't find the date it was uploaded, but you can maybe look for it on the original post here.

As for the pic above, it's from this article - Another good one about Britishisms!

Here we go!

20 Britishisms that are making their way into American culture

by Neecey Beresford

So many Americanisms have been finding their way into Britain for years now, so it makes sense that British sayings would start becoming used in American English. Some are rather quaint, while others are quite trashy, but here are 20 British sayings becoming more and more popular in the USA.

1. Gobsmacked

This is one of the best British sayings you will come across, as it is perfect to describe any situation where you are feeling lost for words. It describes a sense of surprise (either positive or negative) where your jaw is dropping with shock.

2. Innit

This is one of the less desirable British slang words creeping into the USA. It is simply a contraction of ‘isn’t it,’ but is now regularly chucked in at the end of any sentence just for the sake of it.

3. Knickers

Brits don’t describe women’s underwear as panties: they have always been knickers. Knickers is a great word with many derivatives and resulting slang terms of its own: knick-knacks, for example. On the subject of panties though, the word pants has been used for quite some time now by Brits as a way of describing something as useless or undesirable – “oh that’s pants!”

4. Chav

There is a great deal of dispute about where this word (which is generally used to describe youths in designer sportswear that behave antisocially and are of low socio-economic backgrounds) comes from. For years, people believed that CHAV was an acronym, standing for Council House And Violent, Council House Associated Vermin, or any other number of things. Now, however, it is generally accepted that its origin is the Romani gypsy term ‘chavi,’ meaning ‘child.’

5. Loo

Brits don’t really ask to use someone else’s bathroom. If they want to avoid asking for a toilet, they will use the word ‘loo,’ and this most common of words in British speech is now making its way into American speech.

6. Bloody

Bloody is like a mild swear word that you can stick in front of pretty much everything. It can express annoyance, excitement, or pretty much anything. It’s one of the most flexible British sayings you’ll come across, but contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t actually make you look intelligent, so don’t overdo it.

7. Fancy

You can either fancy a person or an object. When related to a person, it essentially means to be attracted to someone. You can also fancy a pizza, a pint, or a new pair of shoes, which means you just feel like getting it.

8. Bum

As a slang term for the buttocks, ‘bum’ is becoming more and more popular, often being used instead of ‘butt.’ Watch out for this one, as it’s like a new slang for the posher people in our midst.

9. Muppet

This British term, meaning a stupid or silly person, comes exactly as you are thinking - from the TV show The Muppet Show. Although it is meant to suggest that someone is foolish or lacking in intelligence, it’s far from a serious insult, and often used between friends.

10. Ginger

The use of the word ginger to describe red hair supposedly took off with the release of the first Harry Potter book. Unlike in the UK, calling someone ginger in the USA is not really derogatory.

11. Chat up

This Britishism, meaning to ‘hit on,’ is becoming more and more popular but it’s not clear why. Perhaps it just sounds a little bit more friendly!

12. Shag

This is a really classy one (not). Shagging is essentially having sex, but in the UK it’s quite vulgar and not a word that you would use within your grandmother’s earshot. Americans use it much more freely because, although the word has caught on, the inappropriateness of it hasn’t. Most Brits prefer the word ‘bonk.’

13. Wonky

Anything that is shaky, wobbly or unsteady can be described as wonky. It can also be used to describe something that isn’t straight, such as a picture on the wall. It’s not surprising that this one is catching on so well, because it’s just a fun sounding word!

14. Skint

Skint is one of the wonderful British words that is becoming more and more prevalent in American English, and it essentially means to have no money. It’s a slang word, so probably not something you would hear in conversation with your bank manager, but you will most likely hear it in conversations between friends.

15. Sell-by Date

This British saying is the equivalent the American expiration date. However, it’s not replacing it, but being used more figuratively, to describe an idea or policy that is old-fashioned or outdated.

16. Flat

A flat is an apartment on one floor of a building. Interestingly, in the UK, realtors will often describe posh flats as apartments, while American property developers are calling their new apartments ‘flats’ to try and make them sound upmarket. Don’t be falling for their tricks though: they are exactly the same thing!

17. Autumn

In the UK, the four seasons are Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. This is catching on in the US, with more and more people choosing to say ‘autumn’ rather than ‘fall.’

18. To Book

The British will book a hotel, or a table in a restaurant, rather than reserve it. This is becoming more apparent in American English too.

19. University

More and more Americans talk about university as opposed to college. That's likely because it is a term more universally recognized around the world.

20. Mate

In the UK, people often have ‘mates’ rather than ‘friends,’ but the term is also frequently used when addressing someone you’ve just met, and both uses seem to be catching on. It is a word much more common among men than women, however.

Not all American terms and British sayings are interchangeable and our slang words are particularly different. Cross pollination of the two languages gives us such a wealth of words to choose from to fit the moment. Do you have any favorite British sayings or words?


From Mauritius with love,


Wednesday, June 05, 2013

If the shoe fits...

My latest shoe splurge!
Hey peeps!

Was debating what to post today... Usually on Wednesdays, you'll find me blogging twice a month at The Pop Culture Divas. However, today is not mine to put something up, so I don't have a PCD link to share with you.

Was racking my brain whether or not to post a recipe I came up with this week (gonna start posting these often - I'm really not that much of klutz in the kitchen anymore!).

Then a friend of mine from Switzerland, Tamara Gerber-Stutz, posted something on her blog Confessions of a part-time working mom. A couple weeks ago, she "interviewed" me about the topic, and she's compiled the info in a post today

The topic? Shoes and Handbags! Of course, I was one of the go-to gals to ask about that.

Here's what she came up with.

If the shoe fits... Buy it in every color!


From Mauritius with love,


Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Playlist Mania: My Fangirl Crushing on Olly Murs

Hey peeps!

Told you I'd be back with more madness from my corner of the world. Yes, yes - run for cover! Do it already! Now! Or else....

Or else be drawn into my latest fangirl crush! Okay, I admit I am 30 years old, so no longer 'supposed' to fangirl crush anyone. I remember my days of going totally, maddeningly bonkers over The Backstreet Boys and Boyzone... Man, those were the days! I had all their albums, knew all their songs by heart, could sing them in my sleep, too, probably.

And I haven't had this feeling in a looooong time. 14 years, to be precise. What happened, you ask?

I discovered him! Olly Murs. Runner up on the 2009 edition of X-Factor in the UK, though I never heard of him before his recent single Troublemaker hit the UK Top 40. While I had loved his voice and style, I didn't start crushing on his voice even after Army of Two came out (that one reminded me of early Robbie Williams with a Jamiroquai vibe), and I found Hand on my Heart one day on Youtube (find this on the soundtrack to Eternelles here).

Then his latest hit the charts. Dear Darlin'. I was hooked! Tumbled me right through an utter fangirl crush and I just had to get every Olly Murs song available. Currently pulling my way around knowing all 3 of his albums by heart. *grin* Yes, when I fall, I fall all the way!

So, you might wanna know what/who I'm talking about? Then take a listen. You won't be disappointed!

Dear Darlin' - the song that broke my heart...and inspired a scene in the upcoming Eternelles book, Indomitable, between 'my' characters, Adri and Des.

A little something I found on the Olly Murs VEVO channel on Youtube. Behind the scenes in making the video for Dear Darlin'.

The first one of his I heard - in fact, my husband liked this song and made me listen to it. Troublemaker, with Flo Rida

And the one with the early-Robbie Williams with Jamiroquai vibe - Army of Two.

Enjoy, and maybe someone will join me in my fangirl crush? No...? Okay, no problem... :)

From Mauritius with love,


Monday, June 03, 2013

Have you failed your readers?

Hey beautiful people!

Lol - strange to find me posting on a Monday, eh? I'm asking myself the same question...and I'll give you the answer in a few paragraphs (bear with me).

I remember I used to post every Monday, and every day of the work week, for that matter. When did this stop? Sometime about a year or a little more ago (I recall my last Random Thoughts Monday posting because I upped the post late. We'd needed to take kiddo to the dentist, and on the way there, we blew a tyre on the car. While we'd brought it to the garage to get a new tyre, super thunderstorms unleashed on the town. And it was our old car, the Suzuki Alto, which we sold last year in April for the Chevrolet Aveo we now own).

And what happened that April? I was about to have two releases coming out in May, so was in the throes of edits. Once edits were done, promo started. Somewhere in June, Heather Bennett of Decadent Publishing roped me into an 'innocuous' email discussion about the African market and the potential for niche romance in the black continent. Little did I know her offhand prodding hid something else - the establishment of a line geared towards African romance at Decadent. Within weeks, she had me on board, and the Ubuntu line was born.

So now we need books for this line, and Heather and Lisa (the other co-owner of Decadent) ask for my own trilogy (Island Girls) to kickstart this line in March 2013. Now this trilogy is my first ever work, and in the 5+ years since I wrote them, my style had changed by leaps and bounds and these stories looked totally amateurish. Skeletons, when I needed flesh and bones.
Off to the writing board, where I work at fleshing these books into something resembling my voice now. 3 full-length novels, in the ballpark of 90K words each. Almost re-written from scratch. Not an easy feat...

Not to mention that ideas are striking home for other books (wrote and subbed a 1NightStand, as well as 60K Western Escape romance). My bestie, Natalie G. Owens, chimes in with the idea that we should try to write something together. The idea for Eternelles is born, and we start going back and forth to create this series up from scratch.

Around September, I land a submission on the Ubuntu desk. Crisis - it's a Christmas romance! After deliberating with Heather and Lisa, we decide to publish this book, for Christmas...bringing the Ubuntu launch closer to us by 3 months! Can you say tons of work to establish a new line on a tight deadline?

In the middle of all this, I sub the Island Girls trilogy. Natalie and I have also finished outlining Eternelles, and we start writing Book 1, Inescapable. Ubuntu launches, and we start getting submissions for the line. I actively begin working as an editor; the author in me going somewhat on the backburner, but still there and struggling against her gag.

Then I blink, and we're in May again. My Twitter presence has grown. I'm no longer so out of my depths on Facebook. I've even started Google+. My blog is getting lots of visits, and I have 1-2 guests almost every week. If I'm not getting a chance to post, I know I have guests so readers won't be facing a blank screen that week.

But where am I in all this? Where's the woman who started this journey? The author, the one who loved getting on this blog every Monday to write about some silly mishap or another random thought churning in her head? The one who shared tidbits of her tastes in music and fashion on Tuesdays, some writing nonsense on Wednesdays, links shee'd found interesting and wanted to share with ye all on Thursdays, and that definite Progress Report every Friday where she'd have to face up to what she'd been up to thus far?

Sadly, she was gone... Roped into work, deadlines, looking at the forest for the trees.... The spirit of what made my blog my little author's corner on the Net no longer existed. Along the way, I'd lost touch with my 'roots'....

So how could I hope for people to tag along? For my readers to remain faithful to me...when I couldn't even be faithful to them, or to myself? Because I started this blog as a place to be my gateway to reach the world, my readers, my fans, regular people who might not be into books but find a resonance with my quirky views of the world.

In short, I failed my readers. For this, I apologize... It also got me thinking that in order to be who I want to be online, I need to be true to myself here, be true to this blog, my main platform. Who cares if no one reads this, or they find my ramblings tedious? Someone might enjoy the posts, might get a laugh out of my misadventures, might find a glimmer of light and hope because my life is not an easy-peasy walk in the park and I am as human as you. It's for this someone I blog.

Ask yourself - have you failed your readers?

As a reader myself, I love reading about the little happenings in the lives of my fave authors. I get a warm fuzzy feeling when they share something personal but are sharing it with their readers and fans, aka people they believe matter. Yes, there is such a thing as 'too much', but there's also something called 'too little', and that is the death of any author. I write books, and am actively extending my backlist every year. But readers read my books for what I bring, and they might wish to find out more about the person behind the book, and what makes her the way she is; how she is, and why she writes the way she does.

I thus pledge, to update this blog every day like I used to. You'll be seeing a lot more of me on here from now on (yes, run for cover!). Industry news, career news, life mishaps, my kids' madness, my struggles as an author, the love-hate relationship I have with my own edits, my love for mentoring other authors. In short - everything that makes me into me.

Join me? I'm striving for a new beggining, peeps. Will you allow me that?

From Mauritius with love,

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